What did Boris say Today

What did Boris say Today: Boris Johnson speech today at 5pm!

What did Boris Johnson announce at today’s press conference?
The next step to ease the blockade will be carried out as planned: the prime minister confirmed that non-essential shops, gyms, hairdressers and libraries in England will reopen from April 12, while pubs and restaurants will be able to cater to customers in the open air.

Overnight stays away from home in England will be allowed. Most outdoor scenarios and attractions, such as zoos and theme parks, can also reopen.

What did Boris say Today
What did Boris say Today

Foreign travel: a traffic light system will be implemented when international travel is allowed again, but the prime minister refused to commit to the May 17 roadmap’s scheduled date for resuming flights.

The new system will see countries ranked green, amber or red based on data including vaccination levels and Covid-19 case numbers. Return trips from Green-listed countries will be quarantine – free, although individuals will still need to test before their trip and when they return. Ministers said it is “too early to say” which countries will be green.

What did Boris say Today

Vaccine passports: the prime minister released the initial findings of a Whitehall review into the use of ‘Covid status certification’. The documents will combine vaccination, testing and immunity data and be used to determine access to large-scale events. The government has left the door open to documents that are used to access pubs and restaurants.

What did Boris say Today

Working from home and social distancing: initial findings from a government review suggest that both WFH and social distancing could continue after ‘Freedom Day’ on June 21, the last date on the roadmap. The review said it is looking at ‘how and when to safely lift or amend the 1m + rule’ as well as other restrictions such as working from home. He stressed that the conclusion “will depend on the latest data and evidence on the state of the pandemic”, while “the degree of relaxation of social distancing measures” will be linked to the success of vaccine passports. The findings do not contain a specific deadline for which the rules will be lifted.

What did Boris say Today

Return to spectator events: ministers will run a series of pilot programmes at different venues to test the best ways to attract crowds to live events. Pilots will be closely linked to the vaccine passport initiative, although initial events will focus entirely on using test data to grant access. Participating venues will include the World Snooker Championship at The Crucible in Sheffield and The Circus Nightclub in Liverpool. Ministers are also hoping to admit a crowd of up to 20,000 at Wembley for the FA Cup final on 15 May, with a second wave of riders taking place at the end of May.

What did Boris say Today

Return to normal: a new article published today by the government’S SAGE Committee said life will not return to normal this summer, even if the Prime Minister’s roadmap fully follows the plan. SAGE sources warned that while vaccines prevent the vast majority of people from getting sick and dying from the coronavirus, they are “not good enough” for all limits to be lifted “without a major epidemic.” Experts claimed that “reference measures”, including some form of social distancing and masks, should remain in place until this date next year. They said they are “reasonably confident” that Covid will be manageable by then.

What did Boris say Today

What did boris johnson say today: Ministers have raised the possibility of maintaining some social distancing and work from internal rules after the closure officially ends in June.

What did Boris say Today

A review published today says the ‘scope of any relaxation’ of the measures in place since January will be linked to the success of the vaccine launch and a final decision on Covid passports.

What did Boris say Today

There have been many hopes that the date of June 21 given as the official end of the blockade would see the lifting of all remaining social distancing measures in England.

What did Boris say Today

The document released today When Boris Johnson offered a press conference in Downing Street, in which he said ‘We see nothing in the current data that makes us think that we will have to deviate from that road map’.

What did Boris say Today

But the document painted a slightly more cautious picture.

“The review is looking at key reference measures, including how and when to safely lift or amend the 1m + rule and related COVID safety measures, as well as guidance on how to work from home,” he noted.

What did Boris say Today

“It is also looking at what guidance can be provided so that people can make informed personal decisions.

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What did Boris say Today

‘The conclusion will depend on the latest data and evidence on the state of the pandemic and the impact of vaccine efficacy, as the country moves forward on the road map.

“As stated above, the scope of any relaxation in social distancing measures is linked to the questions being explored by the COVID state certification review, including whether COVID state certification may allow changes in social distancing.”

What did Boris say Today

However, Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance suggested that long-term social distancing could look very different to how it is now.

“It probably means things like hand hygiene, things like the fact that people will take time off if they get sick and stay at home instead of going to work, so take the time to go out,” he said at tonight’s press conference.

Tests to know if you have it or not. Those kinds of things are likely to be important reference measures in the future.’

What did Boris say Today

When England’s medical director, Professor Chris Whitty, was asked when hugs and other interactions could resume, he said current coronavirus rates were still too high.

“The number of people who actually have the virus right now is about one in 370, so we really want to further reduce those rates before we start to feel that society as a whole has a low level of Covid,” he said.

It came as the government’s top scientific advisers warned today that social distancing will have to stay in place for another year, even if Boris Johnson’s road map to get out of the lockdown goes as planned.

What did Boris say Today

Senior SAGE sources said that while vaccines prevent the vast majority of people from getting sick and dying from the coronavirus, they are “not good enough” to see all the boundaries lifted “without a major epidemic.”

All legal limits to social contact were to be abolished by June 21 as part of the final stage of the Prime Minister’s four-step route out of the crisis. Festivals, sporting events and nightclubs were expected to reopen and families and friends could gather in large numbers after that date for the first time since winter 2020.

However, No10 experts claimed today that ‘grassroots measures’, including some form of social distancing and masks, should remain in place until this date next year. They said they are “reasonably confident” that Covid will be manageable by then.

AstraZeneca and Pfizer Vaccines reduce Covid deaths by about 90 percent, but it is feared that high infection rates could cause the virus to spread to the small number of vulnerable people who have not been injected or for whom vaccines do not work.

Boris Johnson confirmed tonight that shops, pubs and restaurants may reopen from next Monday, amid fears that his broader road map to ease the blockade is at stake.

The prime minister tried to take an optimistic tone by saying the country’s hard work is ‘paying off’ as he held a press conference on Easter Monday in Downing Street, confirming that the next relaxation will proceed on April 12 as planned.

Non-essential retail stores, gyms and hairdressers can start working, while bars, restaurants and cafes will be able to serve customers.

“On Monday the 12th, I will go to the pub myself and cautiously but irreversibly I will take a pint of beer to my lips,” Johnson said.

As he struggled to quell growing anxiety about when normal life might resume, he said: ‘We set our roadmap and will follow it. We see nothing in the current data to suggest that we will have to deviate from that roadmap.’

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