What an air fryer to give this Christmas -!

If we want to surprise our favorite people with the perfect or fashionable gift, without a doubt a hot air fryers or airfryer is a safe bet. A small appliance capable of cooking delicacies with so little oil that it makes our dishes much healthier (we can put it in our Reyes menu too) and that they take up little space. They can also prepare light dishes in a few minutes.

At Amazon we can find a whole selection of brands such as Cosori, Princess or Cecotec, for all sizes of families and budgets, these are some of our favorites:

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Cosori Smart

We start with Amazon’s favorite that is also one of the most complete (to have, it even has WiFi), this Cosori that has a capacity of 6 liters -perfect for families of up to 6 members- 11 different programs, which include the possibility of program cooking up to 4 hours before and the ability to keep our food warm once cooked.

It is also perfect for beginners since thanks to its Wi-Fi connection and the app, we can choose from more than 100 recipes to cook easily. Once we finish, we can introduce the removable elements of our fryer in the dishwasher. The price of this complete fryer is 139, 99 119, 99 euros.

COSORI Smart – Hot air fryer with WiFi (5.5 L, XXL, with application control, LED touch screen, 11 programs, preheating and keeping warm, shake mode


With a somewhat more minimalist design than the previous one, this Ikohs is perfect for people who live alone or for couples, since its capacity is 1.5 liters (it takes up little space in the kitchen). As for the rest of the characteristics, its power is modest, some 800 W but considering its size it is understandable and can still reach a temperature of up to 200 ºC.

Your basket is non-stick and suitable for the dishwasher, it is also programmable and has automatic shutdown. A bet on the design that we find on Amazon lowered by 77, 95 60, 95 euros.

CREATE IKOHS Fryer Air – Oil Free Fryer, Hot Air Fryer, Capacity 1.5 l, 800 W, Non-stick Basket, Temperature selector 80 – 200 °, Auto power off , BPA Free, Programmable, White

Princess 182020 XL

From the hand of Princess we have this proposal with a power of 1500 W that promises to “ fry ” with a small spoonful of aicete, but also roasts, toasts and bakes dishes with fewer calories (as it requires practically no oil) while preserving the flavor and texture, almost at the level of a conventional fryer.

It has a capacity of 3.2 liters, control of adjustable temperature and built-in timer. In addition, you can easily disassemble it to put it in the dishwasher. We found it lowered today on Amazon (where it has an average score of 4.4 stars out of more than 11. 10 buyers ) by 87, 99 69, 90 euros.

Princess 5417 XL Oil Free Fryer, Digital Touch Control Panel, Easy to Use and Clean, 8 programs, 1500 W, Time and Temperature adjustable , 3.2 liter capacity, 30 PDF Recipes


Another of the favorite fryers on Amazon is this Innsky with a capacity of up to 5.5 liters (for cooking up to 000 approximately servings), 8 different programs designed for the most common recipes and a book of recipes to get more out of our fryer by experiencing a great variety of preparations.

A complete fryer that has a power of 1700 W, a pause and restart function that prevents overheating, so it also provides extra security. We found it reduced today by 119, 99 100, 99 euros.

Innsky 5.5L Oil Free Fryer with Recipe Book, 8 Modes Touch Panel, Adjustable Time and Temperature, Hot Air Fryer 1700 W with Pause and Restart function, BPA PFOA free, Ideal Gift

Cecotec Cecofry Compact Rapid Sun

Finally, a national design that is also one of the cheapest, this Cecotec Cecofry, which among its notable characteristics, has an accessory that allows us to also use it as an oven, yes, with limitations since space is reduced compared to a conventional oven.

Cecotec Cecofry Compact Rapid Sun Hot Air Oil Free Fryer. 800 W, Diet, Oven function, Programmable in Time and Temperature, Thermostat, 1.5 liter container

This Cecotec is programmable not only in time, but also in temperature and cooking up to 400 grams of potato in one go as it has a capacity of 1.5 liters. And so that you know how it works from the beginning, the reduced price of 64, 99 46, 91 euros includes a complete recipe book.

Products Highlights And you dare to take advantage and launch yourself to try new recipes, we leave you three products for sale on Amazon that are not only on sale, but they will make us the life easier.

The favorite oil-free fryer: The Aigostar, another of the best valued fryers in its category , with 1. 500 W power per 64, 99 euros 59, 99 euros.

Aigostar Oil Free Air Fryer

Cecotec’s highest rated multifunction kitchen robot : the Mambo 1009, a way to save time (and effort) in the kitchen, which we now find reduced by 399 euros 299 euros.

Cecotec Mambo Multifunction Kitchen Robot

The 4th generation Echo Dot assistant with 6 months of free Amazon Music: Perfect to help us with our daily routines, from checking the news, to listen to music or even guide us while we prepare the most delicious recipes today by 119, 99 59, 99 euros.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Anthracite Fabric + Amazon Music Unlimited (6 Months FREE with Auto Renewal)

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