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‘We’ve been married for 52 years’: Earthquake survivors painfully search for families in Antakya

origin 1Kasim Gündüz lost his family and home in the disaster. ©euronews

Kasim Gündüz was in Antakya in southern Turkey when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake – followed by a series of aftershocks – devastated the country early Monday morning.

A disaster in which Kasim lost his family following the collapse of the building where he lived.

Kasim told RockedBuzz via Euronews international correspondent Anelise Borges that he was handed his son’s body in a plastic bag.

We have been married for 52 years

He’s still waiting for what he says will likely be his wife’s remains.

“My wife’s name is Shefika, I called her gulum (my rose)… gulum… then I said Shefika but I didn’t hear anything from her. There was no sound.

Courage and desperation at the epicenter of the devastating earthquake in Turkey
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The streets of Antakya are filled with people who, like Kasim, are looking for their loved ones.

One survivor told RockedBuzz via Euronews “my wife told me the building is shaking, I told her no, it’s not”, before three floors of their building collapsed on them.

Turkish authorities are overwhelmed by the scale of the disaster, as rescue teams search day and night for survivors.

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