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Wearing a vest, five ideas to combine this versatile garment and style tricks to wear it in … -!


Vests have been in the forefront for a couple of seasons. These garments, queens of halftime, are also very useful in winter. Especially to cover our torso from the polar cold. On the market we find models as diverse as padded, knitted or suit-type . We stick with these three categories and hunt down several photos of the street style that give us ideas to combine them with style this season.

How to combine a padded vest

The padded vests are great for the coldest days. These garments are usually placed on top of sweatshirts or knitted jumpers, but in the first photograph we see that they can also be superimposed on a padded jacket that is not too thick . Double protection against cold.

On the other hand, in order to create weekend outfits, we have the option of wearing our padded vest with a single color combo tracksuit . The result, together with New Balance sneakers and visible white socks, is ten.

How to combine a knitted vest

Another winter option is knitted vests. They remind us of our grandmothers or mothers and provide a touch vintage Irresistible. Chiara Ferragni teaches us that a fuchsia model looks to die for in a pink and blue striped shirt, light wash jeans and a charcoal gray coat.

We can also play add knitwear and wear a zip-up sweater with a high neck underneath of a knitted vest with buttons. The detail of the gray-blue knit beret and the red bag do the rest.

Last in this category, knitted vests can also be the protagonists of looks that draw the female figure. This style with a fine knit turtleneck and a darker-toned waistcoat is great for going to the office . Checkered bell-bottom trousers and pointed-toe shoes are the perfect finishing touch.

How to wear a suit vest

Suit vests are synonymous with formal outfits to go to the office, but we can also wear them during the weekend. We love how this garment looks over a classic white shirt . Both looks choose to wear a wide-brimmed hat as a star accessory.

Cover photo | @holliemercedes

Photos | @dulceida, @chiaraferragni, @holliemercedes, @sarafructuoso, @mariafrubies