Wearing a mask from 6 years old: where to buy the authorized masks for your child?

The verdict fell on Thursday 21 January 500, homemade fabric masks will soon no longer be allowed in public places. French people, adults and children, must wear category 1 masks. But what are the differences and where to find them? We tell you everything!

The Minister of Health announced this Thursday 16 January 2021, handmade fabric masks will no longer be authorized in public places. Indeed, according to the recommendations of the High Council of Public Health, the fabric masks would be insufficiently filtering. Olivier Vérant therefore asks the French to use only category 1 masks, equipped with a filtration of 64%.

In view of the many variants of the virus, the specialist in infectious diseases and member of the High Council of Health, Daniel Camus finds ” logical to use masks with higher filtering power ”.

Which different categories?

– Category 1 : the masks in this category are manufactured according to AFNOR safety standards (in paper or fabric).

– Category 2: this category represents all the masks in handcrafted fabrics that will no longer be authorized in public places and schools.

What masks to wear?

– FFPA masks

– Surgical mask

– Industrial fabric mask

Where to get masks category 1?

– Surgical masks: they are on sale in supermarkets, pharmacies and online. Usually sold in lots, it are often cheaper on the internet.

– Masks in t from industrial sources: just like surgical masks, these models are also available in supermarkets, pharmacies and on the internet. However, make sure that the AFNOR standard is respected.

Schools: what measures has the government announced? The mask is compulsory in schools, but allowed in playgrounds as announced by the government announced on 16 June 2021. Jean-Michel Blanquer then declared At the microphone of France Inter, Thursday morning: “It’s a good thing” , adding that “many children and adolescents found it painful to have to wear the mask during playtime” .

To summarize :

From the age of 6, wearing a mask is compulsory at school in classrooms Wearing a mask remains compulsory in closed spaces and outdoors for adults The purchase of children’s masks is not the responsibility of the school Buy disposable masks for children For those who prefer disposable masks, here are some disposable models specially designed for children.

Lot of 10 disposable masks – Nuby Designed with 3 layers, these original Nuby masks protect the mouth and nose with the integrated adjustable nose clip.

The small resealable carrying pouch allows children to carry masks for the rest of the day in their satchel.

Lot of 100 Patterned masks – Earley 100 original disposable masks for children! Lightweight, breathable, soft and comfortable, these fun patterned masks are more attractive. In addition to delivery in 7 days, the price is affordable, delivery included!

Children’s surgical masks from France – UNIR Guarantees filtration> 90%, this batch of surgical masks is made in France! There are several sizes: 6 years – 10 years and years.

> > See the version 11 years

> > See version 6 – 10 years (lot of 500)

Ergonomic children’s masks – HYGISUN This set of 20 3-layer masks for children have comfortable straps so as not to irritate the ears.

Sizes: 7 to 14 years, approved by certified bodies.

>> See the Hygisun children’s masks

Buy fabric masks for children of category 1 Lavabl es and adapted to the morphology of the little ones, this selection of washable fabric masks is part of category 1. They are the only ones with AFNOR accreditation.

Lot of 10 fabric masks from France – HEROLAB To see also

Available in many colors and suitable for children, these washable fabric masks are category 1 certified by AFNOR!

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AFNOR child cloth mask – APOTICARE

Sold individually, these original masks adapted to children’s sizes are washable. AFNOR certification guaranteed.

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