We have no doubt that Zendaya's wet-effect hairstyle and makeup will inspire our looks of … -!

That Zendaya is pure inspiration there is no doubt, although, being frank, she can afford all the stylistic and beauty licenses that are put in front of her. Of course, the one that has worn in the presentation of the latest installment of Spiderman in London, is one of those that we could look perfectly this Christmas and succeed in a big way.

To begin with, it should be noted that in this appointment, the rhinestones have been the key to her outfit signed by Alexander McQueen , with an oversized gray blazer and shiny black stockings that the actress has perfectly defended as usual. There is no risky look with which it does not make us fall asleep.

And then when it comes to her hairstyle and makeup, Zendaya has once again convinced us and given us ideas to transfer to our own party looks, those that we are already preparing at full speed because We are left brief.

To begin, he opted for an XXL mane, those that are worn so much now, loaded with extensions to give that length and, why not, also density to the mane. Of course, the key to the hairstyle is the wet effect or effect wet that he has given: a very marked side parting, light toupee and comb backwards using either fixative, gel or wax so that not a hair moves . In these cases, using invisible hairpins so that the hair does not move forward by its own inertia, is a very good idea.

Regarding makeup, it is not that life has been complicated much, but the result is really good since we are facing a smoked in black and gray tones quite simple , to which they have added an eye pencil khol in the water line to give drama to the look and, of course, a luminous and very beautiful skin. The keys could not be simpler but look what a good result.

I said, Zendaya once again proposes a look of ten with which we can succeed this Christmas.

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