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WE, FICTION RAI 1 / Previews of the second episode, live: Claudio’s problems!

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Noi, live and previews second episode 13 March 2022

The second episode of the TV series has ended “We“. Claudio empathize with Mimmo explaining his existential problems among the wise and understanding smiles of the old man, now about to die. In this case, the actor is in difficulty in supporting the new theatrical role, always in search of his “I”, already found by Daniele, at the same time, shown with his hands on the wheel of his car while listening to music. Meanwhile, through the usual flashbacks, the relationship with the parenting of the two couples, temporally 40 years apart, is shown: Rebecca and Pietro yesterday, Daniele and Betta today. In this sense one turns up one’s nose at seeing a natural fact how to proliferate being placed below the love between a couple but so be it (adj. By FD Zaza).

The weak side of Peter

Tonight Rai 1 proposes the second episode of the TV series “We“. In the two episodes today, for the first time, the weak side of Pietro is shown, struggling with alcoholism problems as soon as he becomes a father. The problem with him puts a strain on the estate of Rebecca disoriented and increasingly nervous and unstable, as a consequence of the marital vice. Among other things, following the conceptual reworking that dominates the course of events, Pietro and Rebecca they are shown in 1982 anything but willing to have children. Returning to the contemporary, Claudio shows up at Daniele’s home in Milan, spending an evening with Mimmo and his grandchildren. It is worth dwelling on the progressive evolution of Mimmo, transformed by the meeting with his son Daniele: their relationship is the symbol of the new generation included and assimilated which by osmosis transports the old one into the future (adj. By FD Zaza).

Daniele, avant-garde character

On Rai 1 tonight there is the TV series “We“. Daniele risks becoming an avant-garde character for future Italian cinematographic elaborations. Of course, the theme that was given to him by the time is that of racism, however he goes much further, shaking it off thanks to an extrovert intelligence that allows him to improve to become a perhaps naive adult, perhaps idealistic but in an undisputed protagonist of his own. for his ability to say “I” more than anyone. Going back to 1982, Rebecca and Pietro followed by the World Cup in Spain at the pub and the attention to detail forces us to underline again how Italian cinema is now an experimental laboratory in the representation of those years: photography and directing times, in this series, are of a high level (adj. by FD Zaza).

Cate “bullied” to the lake for its weight

The second episode of the TV series “We”Airs tonight on Rai Uno. The traumatic moment has arrived: Cate she is humiliated at the lake by her companions’ dirty comments about her weight: “We want to play the little mermaid, no to the three little pigs. Sorry but we had to tell you ”. Today she could cultivate the “curvy” image, an alternative beauty photograph taken from the library of aesthetic taste of the much-maligned West, in the past a little girl like her remains imprisoned by despair caused by some logical error. “For me it will always be a question of weight” – she says in the contemporary Cate confusing the result with her causes, making a solution to the problem impossible and arguing with the new boyfriend, Teo. Between the two there is a ndolartic history, as it should be, as well as natural consequences of the abuse of food (adj. By FD Zaza).

Claudio looking for a revenge

The TV series “We”Airs tonight on Rai 1. We were talking about Daniele just as Rebecca, by now blossomed in her maternal sense, is saying to Mimmo: “It’s too perfect”. A non-trivial note, even if ruined by the insipid evaluation of little Daniele’s school teacher: “he is too intelligent and therefore does the bare minimum”. As if it were a flaw. As if throwing sweat is a sign of maturity and not something else. However, in these first sequences of the second episode, the sense of revenge of Claudio, tired of the labels of the public, looking, in a way a little too much butterfly, for a new role. It is also worth dwelling on the theme of obesity, treated with gloves in this phase of the fiction. Apart from pain, however staged in a delicate and non-traumatic way, for the moment, it is a topic in significant formation (adj. By FD Zaza).

Because Daniele is an exceptional character

The second episode of “We“. While on Twitter the comments of know-it-alls are racing to say who has seen “This is us” and why that original series is much better than this remake, we Rai 1 viewers enjoy this excellent product, at least for the moment. , and its hidden pearls. Particular attention is paid to the play of light that alternates the two temporal motions well: the photography of this TV series is of a high standard. The various actors deserve a separate discussion. It is necessary to say a few words in this regard on Daniele, character of this tv series characterized in an exceptional way. In this case, albeit full of anxiety and nervousness, imbued with contemporary society, the young person represents values ​​that certify a solid path of maturation that led him to be grateful for his condition, eliminating much of the resentment that could affect a young person with its history (adj. by FD Zaza).

The plot of “We”

The second episode of the fiction is about to begin on Rai 1 “We“, The new Italian fiction which is the adaptation of an award-winning series such as the American This is Us. Sandro Petraglia is the head writer of this version directed by Luca Ribuoli, where the roles of Jack and Rebecca Pearson, played in the original by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, renamed Pietro and Rebecca Peirò, are covered by Lino Guanciale and Aurora Ruffino, grappling with a very challenging role that sees them grappling with the characters at three very different ages: 20, 40 and 60. In the roles of the children the talented debutante Claudia Marsicano (Cate), the best known Dario Aita (Claudio) and the emerging Livio Kone (Daniele). Noi tells the story of a close-knit couple who are expecting triplets in the 1980s. Upon the death of one of the three due to complications during childbirth, Pietro and Rebecca impulsively decide to foster a black baby, abandoned by his father (adj. By FD Zaza).

The family drama remake of “This is us”

On Sunday 13 March, in the early evening, Raiuno broadcasts the second episode of We, family dramaremake of the famous “This is us” series with Lino Guanciale and Aurora Ruffino in the roles of Pietro and Rebecca Peirò. After the first episode dedicated in part to the birth of the twins and to the loss of one of the three that leads Pietro and Rebecca to adopt a child and in part to what is the life of Claudio, Cate and Daniele as adults, in the second episode, the flashbacks will continue and will bring to the surface new background on the love story of the couple who, suddenly, found themselves having to raise three children.

The second episode will thus be dedicated to the history of Cate who, after a moment of despair, found the strength to react to take back his life, thus meeting Teo with whom the knowledge has reached an important level. During the episode, however, she will not miss a flashback that will bring to light a secret of Rebecca that could have changed the history of her family.

We, previews second episode: Rebecca’s confession

During the first episode of the second episode of Noi by title “The river” Claudio and Daniele they can’t get along. The two brothers always find an excuse to argue, but despite everything, they become each other’s shoulder. In the meantime, however, Cate has to deal with the first weight problems. Is exactly Cate will be the protagonist of the moment of the episode dedicated to the adult life of the children of Pietro and Rebecca. Her relationship with Teo, in fact, is becoming more and more important that she has conquered her with her irony and her kindness. However, in Teo’s past, there is a great pain that could upset the serenity of the new couple.

In the second episode entitled “World champions“We go back in time, precisely to 1982, the year of the World Cup in Spain which saw the triumph of Italy. The episode focuses on the love story between Pietro and Rebecca. Despite the strong feeling that binds them, the two live a moment of profound crisis when she confesses that she does not want children so as not to give up her passion for singing. Returning to the present, Cate decides to put a stop to the story with Teo by refusing an invitation from her and preferring to watch a World Cup match by herself.