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We are facing a significant change in the weather – said the OMSZ

Tuesday night mostly cloudy weather is expected, but in the dawn the clouds will thicken in the area of ​​the North Central Mountains and the North Great Plain. There will be no precipitation. The south and south-westerly winds are brisk in many places, and may be accompanied by strong, sometimes stormy gusts in the north-western half of Transdanubia. The lowest night temperature is usually between 4 and 11 degrees, but in the windless northern valleys the air can cool down to around freezing point.

On Tuesday in the morning hours, thicker clouds break up in the northeast, and generally cloudy, sunny weather is expected, but from late morning, the cloudiness will increase strongly from the northwest. It may rain in a few places until late afternoon at most, but after that, rain and showers may occur along the arriving cold front and in front of it, and the sky may also thunder in some places. In the southeastern and eastern parts of the country, we can expect the most sunshine, and there is the lowest chance of precipitation. The south and southwest winds are accompanied by strong, sometimes stormy gusts in many directions. The highest daytime temperature in most parts of the country is between 18 and 22 degrees.

On Wednesday very cloudy or overcast weather is expected, but from the late afternoon it will break over the Transdanubia from the west, the clouds will decrease, but the sky will remain overcast east of the Danube. At night, we can expect rain and showers in several places, during the day, the continuous precipitation zone moves towards the east. The rain may be replaced by sleet and snow in some places – mainly in the Northern Central Mountains and along the eastern border. There will be no significant precipitation in the west in the afternoon. The north-west and north winds will strengthen in many places, becoming stormy in some places. The lowest night temperature is 1.8, the peak value is between 4 and 12 degrees, the coldest weather will be in the rainy regions.

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