Although we tend to confuse wavy hair with curly hair, the two have very different characteristics. We show you how to distinguish them to fine-tune your hair lexicon.

Wavy hair:

Wavy hair can be recognized by the shape of its waves: they are loose and malleable, and create beautiful spirals that frame the face and that fall at the nape of the neck. When wet, its ripples are smoothed and only reappear when dried. This type of hair is usually drier than the rest, so it is advisable to pamper it with nourishing care and with specific products to define curls. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply the Jean Louis David Curls and Definition leave-in care to wet hair to keep the body of your waves.

Curly hair:

Curly hair curls on itself in small ringlets. These tight curls add volume to the mane and are also very difficult to control. And it is not surprising, as they are made up of thousands of spirals that prevent the sebum from circulating properly. As a result, the hair becomes very dry and tangles easily. Therefore, providing a good dose of hydration is essential to achieve a sublime mane and to discipline the frizz that appears during drying. Here is the secret to curly hair in top shape: use keratin-rich treatments and take oil baths regularly.