Wavy manes are re-imposed among celebrities and we love these five for our … -!

We know that waves are one of the most flattering hairstyles to enhance hair, and now that red carpets are beginning to take a good rhythm, celebrities do not hesitate to use them to look splendid and get the most out of their manes. We leave you five examples of wavy manes that we have seen during these days and that are perfect to wear these holidays.

We begin with Claudia Schiffer who in her case to step on the red carpet of the estrus of ‘The King’s Man’ for which she has chosen a mane with a parted in the middle (her favorite) and with quite marked and defined waves . A very glamorous style that provides extra volume and movement to the hair; and we love that.

Jennifer Lawrence is making it clear to us that pregnancy suits her wonderfully, and in her last public appearance she opted for a beautiful hair with waves, undoubtedly one of My favourites. The hair with a side parting and the waves on the face is one of the most sophisticated and perfect options for these holidays.

The princess Amalia who has just turned eighteen, is also a big fan of airwaves to enhance her long hair. Her favorites, the long waves with my movement and the bangs that are pointed out.

Soft waves accompanied with carding and curtain fringe , has been the option of Halle Berry . The Brigitte Bardot style is always very flattering and if we fill the hair with undone waves we get that sensual and casual touch that we like so much about French women.

Gemma Aterton who also went to the red carpet of ‘The King’s Man’ opted for the broken and not too marked waves , a great option to gain volume and greater texture.

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