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WATCH – Student who helps the needy gets $3,000 for auto repairs from Secret Santa: ‘Nice guy’

A Secret Santa in Idaho recently surprised a young man who loves to serve his neighbors.

Jimmy, the student body president of American Heritage Charter School, helps others when he’s not in school through food drives, fundraisers, and mentorship, while also working at the New Sweden Corn Maze, East Idaho News reported Thursday.

However, his mother recently had some heart problems which included arrhythmia, a condition otherwise known such as irregular heartbeat.

The young man has taken time away from work to take care of his mother, who is the sole breadwinner for the family. Right now, he’s working out of state while Jimmy and his older sister live in their apartment.

Her school’s dress code is business attire, so since her dryer broke she’s made frequent trips to the dry cleaners.

To make matters more difficult, Jimmy’s vehicle has been giving him trouble and he drives on back roads every morning to school to protect other drivers in case his brakes fail during the 45-minute drive.

When the outlet is Nate Eaton and crew shown at his school with $100 in quarters for the laundromat, $1,000 in gift certificates for the grocery store, $1,000 for gas, and $3,000 for auto repairs, the young man repeatedly said, “Thank you.”

The moment he opened the auto repair shop gift, a smile broke out on his face and he told Eaton that he needed brakes even though he fixed the front ones himself.

Jimmy also explained that he took the back roads to school to avoid accidents and because it “makes repairs cheaper for other people.”

According to Eaton, when the principal called Jimmy in his office thought he was in trouble. However, he was shocked to find Secret Santa’s helpers there with presents just for him.

“What a handsome young man. You guys are amazing at helping people. Secret Santa needs a big pat on the back,” one social media user commented.

“That smile when he realized he could have his truck fixed was just wonderful. I love it!!!” more he answered.