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Watch: Secret Santa blesses paralyzed woman with $20,000 for much-needed bathroom renovation

A Secret Santa in eastern Idaho has blessed a paralyzed Idaho woman with $20,000 to help pay for a much-needed bathroom renovation.

Jyl is a joyful Idaho Falls resident who works as a Developmental Disability Aid with children, according to to the East Idaho News. However, he has gone through many hardships in his life.

At the age of 19, Jyl was paralyzed from the waist down after being involved in a car accident. Though she was told she would never walk again, she Jyl she set off on her LDS mission in a wheelchair, determined to walk home again.

When she returned, she noticeably exited the plane using sticks, which she still uses to get around. But the weeds have taken their toll on her body over the years.

Jyl has had two major surgeries in the past year, as her shoulders have been worn down by the rods. Also, doctors recently discovered a cancerous lump on her breast.

To alleviate some of the challenges of using canes and wheelchairs in the home, Jyl needs to remodel the bathroom to make it easier for her to get in and out, according to Nate Eaton of East Idaho New.

When a local Secret Santa, who is giving $1 million in gifts to eastern Idaho residents in need, heard Jyl’s story, he decided to help her in a big way.

On behalf of Secret Santa, Eaton presented Jyl with $5,000 worth of gift certificates to Home Depot to purchase supplies needed for the bathroom remodel. Additionally, she also received a check for $15,000 to pay for any other work or expenses required for the renovation.

“You’re kidding me,” an elated Jyl said as she opened her gift. “Who did this?”

Jyl then thanked Secret Santa for the generous gift.

“I can’t believe you did this. It’s just amazing,” she said. “It will be a great help. Thank you.”

Even social media users on YouTube shared similar reactions to the incredible gift Jyl received.

“She was so surprised. She is literally a walking miracle after being paralyzed,” one user commented. “Thank you Secret Santa, Nate and the team.”

“What a deserving woman! You can tell how sweet it is; she is in awe of the generosity of Secret Santa,” said another user.

Other people who received gifts from the local Secret Santa this holiday season include a mother of eight gifted a brand new minivan after previously using an unreliable vehicle, ea mother of a son suffering a traumatic brain injury receiving $10,000.You can follow Ethan Letkeman on Twitter at @EthanLetkeman.