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Watch: Extreme cold snap in US wreaks travel havoc

origin 1Hundreds of unclaimed suitcases and a box wrapped in Christmas wrap sit near the baggage carousel at Chicago’s Midway Airport, Dec. 27, 2022 ©Pat Nabong/Pat Nabong/Sun-Times

Hundreds of flights were delayed or canceled at San Diego International Airport on Sunday, due to historic winter storms in the United States.

Thousands of people waited at the airport to find alternative flights or their bags piled up in the carousels.

The San Diego International Airport website said Southwest Airlines had 1,253 cancellations, nearly a third of its scheduled flights and about five times more than any other major U.S. carrier.

Based on FlightAware’s data, airports across the United States experienced cancellations and delays, including Denver, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle, Baltimore and Chicago.

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