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Watch: Argentinians get Lionel Messi tattoo after World Cup win

origin 1Messi tattoos success in Argentina ©AFP screen capture

Following Argentina’s historic victory in the 2022 World Cup final against France, Argentine fans are heading to the capital’s tattoo parlors to have the moment tattooed into their skin forever.

The Buenos Aires tattoo artists said they had to step up their game. Some fans are swapping their original requests for traditional snakes or skulls with the face of soccer superstar Lionel Messi or the World Cup trophy.

“For two weeks, it was all World Cup-related tattoos,” tattoo artist Esteban ‘Tebi Cobra’ Vucinovich told AFP.

“Some people should have taken snakes or skulls and exchanged it for Messi or the Cup. I already have two or three appointments a day scheduled.”

According to this tattoo artist from the Palermo capital, the World Cup trophy is the most popular tattoo of the moment. There have also been requests for tattoos of quotes Messi and other players said during the tournament.

To watch click on the video above.