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The real-time news on the war in Ukraine today 14 March, last minute updates: negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations resume today, but not in attendance as happened in recent days. The meeting will take place via teleconference, it is not yet known at what time, but it has been confirmed by both sides.

Meanwhile, the Russian offensive continues and extends for the first time towards the Polish border: yesterday a military base near Lviv was heavily bombed, with at least 35 victims. A journalist was killed near Kiev: Brent Renaud.

From the United States, the Financial Times says that Russia is persistently asking for military support from China and that Beijing may be preparing to give it to it. Today Jack Sullivan, security adviser to the American government, and Yang Jiechi, chief diplomat of the Chinese Communist Party, meet in Rome. And, of course, there will be talk of war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the number of refugees arriving in Italy exceeds 37 thousand, of which about 15 thousand are children. According to the UN, nearly 600 civilians have died in Ukraine.

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The breaking news on the Russian-Ukrainian war today, Monday 14 March 2022

The day ended with the news, also confirmed by Kiev, that negotiations between Russia and Ukraine will resume tomorrow. The meeting, however, will not take place in the forest between Belarus and Poland – as happened previously – but will be held by teleconference. Meanwhile, the war continues, with the impossibility of opening safe humanitarian corridors and the Russian bombing that extends to the western part of Ukraine, very close to the Polish border. Here, near Lviv, a military base was bombed with dozens of victims. An American journalist, Brent Renaud, was also killed by the Russian military yesterday while filming refugees fleeing Irpin.

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio spoke of 400 Italians who are currently in Ukraine. Among these, however, there are 34 who would like to escape but are blocked.