Microsoft and army against Trickbot, run by Russian hackers

In the US there is an open war on Trickbot, the world’s largest network of ‘zombie’ computers, that is, controlled from the outside without the owners’ knowledge, for fear that it could be used to influence the presidential elections. In recent weeks, reports the Washington Post, the US military has launched an operation to limit the activities of the network, managed by Russian hackers, and Microsoft is also moving after obtaining an injunction from a court that allows it to act against network-related servers.

According to some experts, the network controls between one and three million computers in the world, which can be used from the outside to send spam or distribute programs capable of stealing personal credentials. The threat to the elections at the moment is theoretical, Tom Burt, vice president of Microsoft, tells the Post.

“The fear is not of an attack that could alter the results – he explains – but more of something that could jeopardize the trust of the voters, especially those already worried by President Trump‘s unfounded suspicions about the integrity of the vote by mail. a couple of districts that report having had problems, with people unable to vote, would be like putting fuel on the fire. “