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Wagner is in its final hours, ramping up the attack on Crimea Ukraine – Our war news on Friday

Zelensky will visit the United States next week

According to information from several sources, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi will visit the United States next Thursday, where he will meet with US President Joe Biden and visit the Congress.

This will be Zelensky’s second visit to the US since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president is visiting Washington after attending the UN General Assembly in New York.


Washington has appointed a special envoy for Ukraine’s economic recovery

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has appointed a special envoy for Ukraine’s economic recovery.

Penny Pritzker his duties will include consultation with representatives of the Ukrainian government, the European Union and the G7 group, as well as with international financial institutions and other partners, including the American corporate sector, on ways to help Ukraine economically.


The United States decided on new sanctions against Moscow

On Thursday local time, the American government imposed new sanctions against Russian citizens and business interests, largely in connection with the war in Ukraine, and partly due to the activities of the Wagner Group in Africa.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry decided on new punitive measures against a total of 150 individuals and organizations due to Russia’s unfounded military action against Ukraine, in accordance with the Ministry of Finance. A more precise reason for the sanctions is the violation and circumvention of measures already in place, which contribute to maintaining Russia’s ability to continue the war, the statement said.

In the case of 70 individuals and organizations, the ordered measures affect the production and export capabilities of the Russian energy sector, the Russian metal industry, and the mining sector.

Among the targets of the State Department’s sanctions are an officer of Russian intelligence and a Georgian-Russian businessman who, in cooperation with Russia’s Federal Security Service, “exerted false social and political influence” in Georgia in pursuit of Russian interests. Also sanctioned were organizations involved in Russian arms production and repair, and a person who assisted in the creation of ammunition shipments from North Korea to Russia.

In accordance with the sanctions imposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US Treasury decided on economic measures in about 100 cases, including the freezing of assets. Among the targets of the measures is an official of the Russian private military company Wagner, because he facilitated the company’s activities in the Central African Republic. According to the American point of view, the Wagner group participated in the conduct of the July 30 referendum on the constitution, which undermines democracy in the African country.


Estonia is sending a contingent of border guards to Latvia

Estonia is sending a 20-person border guard contingent to Latvia to help control the neighboring country’s border with Belarus, Estonian Interior Minister Lauri Läänemets announced in Tallinn on Thursday.

As he said, as long as it is necessary, the Estonian border guards must assist their Latvian colleagues in patrolling and mass checks.

Recently, the number of migrants arriving illegally from the territory of Belarus has increased significantly in Latvia.

Belarus is testing the capabilities of neighboring states, these are also hybrid attacks

Läänemets emphasized.

Earlier, Lithuania announced the dispatch of a 20-member border guard contingent to Latvia.

The Baltic countries also accuse the Belarusian leadership of transporting migrants to the external border of the European Union in an organized and targeted manner. Another concern is the relocation of soldiers from the Russian private security company Wagner to Belarus after their failed rebellion in Russia.


That’s how many people arrived in Hungary from Ukraine on Thursday

On September 14, 2023, 6,232 people entered the territory of Hungary at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border between midnight and midnight. Among those entering the Romanian-Hungarian border section, 6,929 people declared that they came from Ukraine.


Wagner is in its final hours, ramping up the attack on Crimea Ukraine – Our war news on Friday

Satellite images confirm that the demolition of the Wagner camp built next to the Belarusian settlement of Tszel continues. The showdown with the Wagner forces is also taking place in Syria: Russian combat helicopters tried to prevent the landing of a private military company plane that brought mercenaries serving in Libya. After a warship and a submarine were hit by a Ukrainian warship near Sevastopol on Wednesday, the launching station of an SZ-400 air defense system may have been destroyed in a strike in Crimea on Thursday. Presidential adviser Mihajlo Podoljak summarized the plan to recover the peninsula in three points.

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