Ban On Adult Sites In Thailand

VPN Use Increases After Ban On Adult Sites In Thailand

VPN usage in Thailand increased by 644% after the Thai government banned adult content sites on Tuesday. The banning of adult content sites drew the reaction of the citizens of the country.

The Thai government made a statement on Tuesday, gathering the reaction of the citizens of the country. The government has announced that it has banned more than 190 adult content sites. After this ban, people in Thailand cannot enter adult content in normal ways. The incident resulted in Thai users reacting against censorship on social media.

Pornhub was among the 20 most visited websites by Thai users per day. Thai users even opened a special hashtag for Pornhub on Twitter after the ban. According to Pornhub’s data, Thai users spent more time (11 minutes 21 seconds) on the site than in any other country.

Following the ban, the VPN was flocked to:

Ban On Adult Sites In Thailand

Although the ban imposed by the Thai government has not been revoked for now, a new consequence has emerged from the ban for Thai users. Users began to resort to VPN services to access blocked sites. So much so that according to the data announced by Atlas VPN, the use of VPN in the country increased by 644%.

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There was almost no use of VPN before adult websites were banned in the country. In the first quarter of 2020, only 1.17% of users in Thailand were using a VPN. The banning of websites was of great importance to Thai people.

Thailand was not a country in which internet censorship never happened. However, the final decision was considered a harbinger of a stricter attitude towards consumer services for Thai users. After the ban, users showed themselves not only on social media but also on the streets of Bangkok.