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Vladimir Putin came up with completely new information about the background to the explosion of the Nord Stream

Putin said: since the attack took place in the Danish exclusive economic zone, Gazprom received permission from the Danish authorities to investigate the site of the explosion. However, the Russian company’s investigation was not limited to examining the site of the explosion, as the ship leased by Gazprom continued along the pipeline, about 30 kilometers from the site of the explosion, he discovered a “pillar” at the connection point of the pipes. These are the points, the most vulnerable parts of the line, where the explosion was carried out.

Experts believe that this could be a signal receiving antenna to detonate an explosive device that could have been placed in this wiring system

Putin said. “It seems that several explosive devices were placed, one of which exploded and one of which did not. For what reasons, it is not clear,” he added.

The Russian president stated that Russia would like to receive permission from the Danish authorities to “either independently or together with them” create an international group of experts and pyrotechnics capable of operating at that depth, which can even defuse an explosive device, “if there is one”.

However, to our request to the Danish authorities, we received the answer that they should think about it and when they deem it possible, they will respond.

– said Putin, who called this reaction “vague”.

In the interview, Putin expressed his belief that blowing up the gas pipelines was a state-level attack that amateurs could not carry out because they did not have the necessary technology.

As he said the explosion was powerful, tearing the pipe and throwing it away. “This is not a simple question, in the practice of the world there is no example yet of similar systems being repaired after such accidents, but theoretically and from a technological point of view, of course, everything is possible,” he said.

Putin believed that the exploded Nord Stream pipelines have a future if European countries express their interest in their restoration.

Dmitry Polyansky, the first deputy of Russia’s ambassador to the UN, said on a Telegram channel on Tuesday that Russia has sent to the UN Security Council and General Assembly a copy of the correspondence with Germany, Denmark and Sweden regarding the investigation of the attacks on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. According to the diplomat, the documents support Moscow’s claim that it did not receive adequate information from these countries about the progress of their investigation. Russia is trying to establish an impartial commission of inquiry at the UN.

Cover image source: MTI/AP/Szputnyik/Russian Presidential Press Service/Vlagyimir Gerdo. Russian President Vladimir Putin (b) with the workers of the Ulan-Ude helicopter factory in the Buryatia capital on March 14, 2023.