Visit to A Coruña to see the exhibition Untold Stories by photographer Peter Lindbergh: hotels and restaurants … -!

This week Marta Ortega is on everyone’s lips after the Inditex Group announced her promotion to Director next April. But far from focusing on her new position within the company, we want to take advantage of the December bridge to visit the exhibition Untold Stories organized by her that pays tribute to the photographer Peter Lindbergh who is in A Coruña . That is why we show you the best hotels and restaurants so that the visit is of summa cum laude .

Considered one of the five most important cultural events on the planet according to the British newspaper Financial Times , Marta Ortega has been at all times involved in the process. Friend of the deceased photographer -he was the one who immortalized the photographs of her wedding-, her entrance is free.

The best hotels in A Coruña To make the experience unique, here are the best hotels in the city for a break from 10.

NH Collection A Coruña Finisterre. Located in the center of A Coruña, this place has magnificent views of the sea and the port. Where : Paseo del Parrote, 2-4, A Coruña.

Hesperia A Coruña Centro. Modern, central and practical, this hotel is perfect for all those who want it all without having to give up anything. Where: Rúa Juan Flórez, 16, A Coruña.

Hotel Portocobo. With views of the beach, the bay and the castle of Santa Cruz, this hotel wants to fall in love (really). Contemporary in style, this place wants to make our visit perfect. Where: Rúa María Soliña, 2, A Coruña. For the most demanding palates To speak of Galicia is to speak of a spectacular gastronomy that makes us eat with all five senses. Whether through typical dishes, seafood or based on another culture, these addresses promise to make you fall in love (and leave you satiated).

Óvera. If you love fusion cuisine, this place has been created for you. With a menu that perfectly mixes Japanese and Galician cuisine, its dishes will delight you. Where: Rúa Durán Loriga, 8, A Coruña.

A Mundiña. is the perfect place to enjoy Galicia through the palate and thanks to “mariñeira cociña”. Located right in the center, this place promises not to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Where: C / Real 77 – Avda.Marina 34 – A Coruña.

La Penela. Why complicate our lives if the simplest is the most successful. With these premises, this restaurant offers dishes “of a lifetime” such as potato omelette, or roast meat with potatoes made in its own juice. Where: Plaza de María Pita 12, A Coruña.

Aurora’s house. It is a grocery store 100 Traditional% that also offers other regional specialties. Its impressive place is inspired by the booths of San Froilán, the most popular Galician autumn festival in which the octopus a feira plays a fundamental role. Where: Rúa Igualdad, 1, A Coruña.

Omakase. For lovers of Japanese culture, this is the place of pilgrimage. It offers an exclusive “purist” sushi bar with Galician fish and “harmonies”. Where: Pr. De María Pita, 3, A Coruña. Main photo | Instagram @ alberelbaz8

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