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Video: Ukrainian soldiers tried to reproduce a legendary weapon

The recording shows that the Ukrainian militants have used several PA G-7 anti-tank grenade was attached to each otherwhich were then stabilized with an iron rod, and a fuse was introduced into one of the grenades from behind.

The weapon resembles the so-called “Bangalore Torpedo” developed by the United Kingdom during World War I, and probably has a similar purpose.

By the way, the Bangalore torpedo is not a torpedo in terms of its operation, it is a simple explosive device without propulsion, which the point is to slide under various barbed wire obstacles and then blow them up to open a way for the charging infantry.

It is worth noting that the first iteration of the Bangalore torpedo was also a kind of “do-it-yourself” invention, which was “developed” by British engineers stationed in Bangalore, India. More modern versions of the weapon were produced until the end of the 2010s.

The cover image is an illustration, source: Getty Images