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Video: the Russian artillery hit the charging Ukrainian tanks badly

Today, the Ukrainian forces carried out numerous attacks in Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya counties – according to recent news, the Ukrainians achieved at least partial success in the area of ​​Vuhledar in Donetsk.

The Ukrainian forces also launched an attack near the village of Storzheve near Vuhledar. According to drone footage published by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian forces ran into heavy Russian artillery fire and suffered losses.

The following – by independent sources, recordings authenticated by geolocation according to -, several armored personnel carriers and mine protected armored vehicles (MRAPs) were lost in the fighting.

A part of the video had already been seen before, and the Russians probably added it to the footage recorded in the Storzheve region in order to make the Ukrainian losses seem greater.

Cover image: Getty Images