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Video: the long-awaited tank destroyers have arrived on the Ukrainian front

A few days ago, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that the first French AMX-10 RC combat vehicles had arrived on the front line, but the first video of the combat vehicles has only just appeared.

The AMX-10 RC can be seen in a vehicle depot – possibly converted from a barn – alongside several other Western-made technical devices, mainly American MRAPs and Humvees. The vehicles are likely to be reserved for the planned spring offensive.

The first AMX-10 RC combat vehicles arrived in Ukraine at the end of February, 14 of the promised 40 in the first round.

According to French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu, the wheeled armored vehicles, called “light tanks” by the French, have received good feedback from their Ukrainian operators so far, so French President Emmanuel Macron is likely to send more to Ukraine.

The AMX-10 RC is a light-armoured, fast vehicle with a main weapon, a 105mm tank gun, capable of taking on most Russian armored vehicles. However, the vehicle’s thin armor makes them vulnerable even to bullets from larger caliber machine guns.

Cover image: davric, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons