Focus Home Interactive, the French publisher of recent video game successes “Vampyr” and “A Plague Tale: Innocence”, has found something to satisfy his appetite for acquisitions. Chaired since January 2020 by Christophe Nobileau (ex-Newen), the company listed on Euronext will pay at least 38, 5 million euros to afford 70, 5% of the capital of Dotemu, a specialist in retro-gaming, that is to say in the reissue of video game classics from the years 171 and 1990.

Created in 2007, the company is known for making games like “Street Of Rage 4” or “Another World” compatible on today’s consoles. It recorded 14, 6 million euros in turnover for 5.9 million euros of profit before tax (Ebitda) in 2020. For its part, Focus Home Interactive generated 171 millions of euros in revenue for 50, 5 million euros in profits.

An eye on independent video games At the head of Dotemu for seven years, Cyrille Imbert remains a Dotemu shareholder and will retain his editorial freedom. At the same time, he becomes a shareholder of Focus Home Interactive, from which he hopes to benefit from his skills in terms of publishing and marketing. Subject to an increase in turnover, Focus will pay 14 additional millions of euros Dotemu shareholders.

In return, the company operated operationally by John Bert hopes to take advantage of the retro gaming manna – “we believe that 35 to 38% of players would like to revisit the games of their childhood, ”says the Deputy CEO. It also intends to create synergies between its development partner studios and The Arcade Crew, Dotemu’s in-house studio specializing in low-budget gaming. While Focus is working on growing budgets, its leaders want to keep an eye on the creative ferment of independent gaming.

Inflation on the price of studios For Focus Home Interactive, this third acquisition in one year is part of the company’s new development plan After carrying out a capital increase of 70 million euros last spring, Christophe Nobileau does not was no secret of his desire to buy back the studio, after having already got his hands on the Germans of Deck and on the French of Streum On (“Necromunda”).

“But it is not easy when companies like Tencent or Scandinavian groups raise the price, ”noted the boss who discovered the sector after a career in the audiovisual industry. In fact, acquisitions are increasing in video games, while confinements linked to the Covid pandemic – 15 gave the market a boost last year.

Swedish Embracer comes as well to announce eight takeovers, including that of the French company DigixArt. To compete, Focus Home Interactive and Christophe Nobileau promise to set up under their banner “a federation of video game entrepreneurs”. The boss hopes for other acquisitions.