Very true, Sara Ricci: what bond did you have with Paolo Calissano – RB

Very true, Sara Ricci: what bond did she have with Paolo Calissano – RB

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Verissimo, Sara Ricci: what relationship had with Paolo Calissano – RB

Very true, Sara Ricci: what bond did you have with Paolo Calissano – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Very true, Sara Ricci: what bond did she have with Paolo Calissano – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Very true, Sara Ricci: what connection did you have with Paolo Calissano – RB

A splendid relationship, born in front of the cameras and then continued in everyday life, with one of those tender and sincere friendships that know how to warm the heart: this is the bond that Sara Ricci had with her colleague Paolo Calissano, who passed away in recent days in tragic circumstances still to be clarified. And, guest in the sitting room of Verissimo , the actress wanted to dedicate beautiful words to him.

Sara Ricci, the link with Paolo Calissano

Very talented actress, Sara Ricci had achieved success at the end of the years’ 90 by participating in the soap opera Vivere . And it was precisely here that he met his colleague Paolo Calissano: she in the role of Adriana Gherardi and he in those of Bruno De Carolis, had conquered millions of viewers. Their love story on the small screen quickly turned into a solid friendship in real life. “ We have been a much loved couple by the public. Between us there was a great love of the friendly type “- revealed Sara during her long interview with Verissimo .

Both had left the soap opera after a few years, and from that moment their professional paths had definitively separated. However, they had maintained a very nice relationship: “In the last period we were a bit lost, but until a few years ago I met him in Rome because we lived in the same area” – Ricci said – “When I saw him it was a joy and he was fine “. Then, the terrible news. Paolo Calissano was found lifeless in his apartment, and his colleague was one of the first to express her condolences for the tragic event.

Sara Ricci, the tender memory of Paolo

Although their professional collaboration was interrupted many years ago, after their farewell to the soap opera Vivere , a special harmony has always remained between Sara and Paolo. For this reason, at the news of Calissano’s disappearance the actress was deeply shocked: “Paolo’s death did not it was something wanted. I know he wanted to redeem himself. There were also new job prospects for him. He had recently done some auditions and was getting results “- Silvia Toffanin explained to the microphones of .

Sara also wanted to recall the actor’s most difficult moments , starting with his drug problems. “Paolo ended up in this situation because he was depressed. With me, off the set, he often complained even if to the others he always showed himself prepared, lucid and a gentleman. I believe that his malaise was born from the first years of his life, because of his parents “. And, for her, the negative influence that those close to him would have had is undeniable: ” I am angry with the people who took advantage of him , they are cursed. For money they managed to surround him with certain substances “.

Paolo Calissano, suspicions about his death

Paolo Calissano was found lifeless in his apartment on the evening of 30 December 2021. To find him was his latest partner, Fabiola Palese: she raised the first suspicions on the alleged cause of the actor’s death. Was the drug overdose accidental or was it suicide? While waiting for the autopsy results, Fabiola revealed that Paolo had no reason to want to take his own life , even though he was still depressed. His brother Roberto also admitted his doubts: “I am convinced that he messed with the drugs, but he did not commit suicide” – he admitted.