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Vera Jourová spoke on an important matter: it should be marked if a content is produced by artificial intelligence

In her statement, Vera Jourová specifically highlighted the ChatGPT and Bard applications. Reuters reminds that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has become the fastest growing consumer application in history and has started the competition of technology companies in the artificial intelligence market.

However, concerns are growing about the possible misuse of the technology, so that it can even be used to produce fake news in increasing numbers.

According to Jourová, companies that have signed the EU code of conduct for combating disinformation, such as Google, Microsoft or Meta, must report in July on what steps they have taken to curb fake news. He also warned Twitter, which pulled out of the settlement, to expect more frequent inspections.

Signatories whose services are capable of spreading AI-generated fake news should implement technology that recognizes such content and clearly indicates it to users

– said the vice president.

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