Vera Chikareva was in divorce with her husband in Ankara and passed away like a secret. He had appeared on TV recently because his wife, Salih G., was being subjected to violence and asked for help. According to information available today, Vera Chikareva was found dead in her home. So Who is Vera Chikareva? Whence? Do you have a social media account? For those who are curious, we will share Vera Chikareva’s Instagram account.

Who is Vera Chikareva?

Vera Chikareva, 35, of Russian origin, working as a beauty specialist in Ankara, left home and filed a divorce suit for her husband because she was subjected to violence. His 41-year-old wife, Salih G., is said to have beaten her husband to death, despite the suspension decision. Vera Chikareva, who had a broken collarbone and was treated in the hospital for about 1 week, faced the violence of her husband again after her husband was released by court decision. He had appeared on the news and asked for help, but was found dead in his home.

Vera Chikareva Instagram Account

Vera Chikareva Instagram Account, Cosmetologist Russian beauty Vera Chikareva is on the agenda everywhere, including all social media and news sites. Whether Vera Chikareva was killed out of jealousy, they will all be investigated after the autopsy report. For those who are curious about the Chikareva Instagram account, which is of Russian origin and married to Turkish, we share it with you. You can review the 35-year-old lady’s Instagram account, and read the condolence messages written under the posts.

In fact, by examining it a little, you may come across a note or something remarkable about his death. We hope that those who kill their lives will be found as soon as possible and receive the necessary punishment. If you have acquaintances around you or in your family who experience such situations, ask the police to ask for help as soon as possible. I hope this will be the end ..