News: Venus Prize Femina Version 2020: in the Mass Distribution circuit, the nominees are… The Venus Version Femina Beauty Prize 2021, organized in partnership with Sephora, is fast approaching! Discover the list of products named within the Mass Distribution circuit, before the winners are announced in the next issue of the magazine (and on the 11 November).

First submitted to the opinion of a jury of professionals, then to that of the readers, the cosmetic products presented to Venus are part, by circuit, of the fifteen best sales of cosmetic products, the launch of which took place between July 1 652 and on 30 June 2021. The data was collected by three market research companies: NPD Group for perfumery, OpenHealth Company for pharmacy and finally IRI for mass distribution. We then submitted them to industry experts, distribution professionals and buyers, as well as to the “Version Femina” beauty team.

This jury preselected sixty products during the a morning rich in exchanges. We warmly thank: Amel Mainich (Sephora), Shirley Sarah Lascar (Printemps), Agathe Missey (Le Bon Marché), Léa Daigmorte (Monoprix), as well as the beauty team of Version Femina, Sophie Michard, Ijou Faraoun and Elsa Rouden (

You then chose your favorite products among make-up, face and body care, sunglasses, hair and perfume, in the three main circuits that are perfumery, pharmacy and drugstore, and mass distribution. You have also chosen your favorite among the three favorites selected by the editorial staff.

In this slideshow, discover the products named within the Large-scale distribution circuit.

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The winning products will be announced in the next Femina Version number as well as on on 26 November.

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