Up with braids: nine ideas if you are looking for inspiration -!

There are days when inspiration is not on our side and wanting to achieve a flattering hairstyle , different and easy to do can be mission impossible. Luckily the fashion girls leave us perfect ideas to put into practice from home, and today Chiara Ferragni leaves us nine groundbreaking ways to decorate the mane with the braids as protagonists. The more 90s version This summer (and the previous one) the trend was clear : the 24 were back and two mini braids with volume They were in charge of decorating the bangs to become the star hairstyle of the season. Make a difference with a Mohican braid Make a difference with a braid is possible, more if we wear it like a mohican crest. Triple (one central braid and two others on each side), this version gains strength if we leave them half done – thus leaving half a loose hair. The effect bubble always like Opting for a tousled version that starts in the fringe area, the effect bubble will add a fun touch to the final result. A pigtail finished in a braid One of the easiest ways to opt for a braid is to accompany her with a high ponytail. In this way we achieve a simple, comfortable and different hairstyle. Las boxer braids still cool A few years ago the fashion world ruled that boxer braids were the favorite hairstyle to step on the street style. Although his fury has been diminishing, we want to vindicate his presence. The herringbone braid makes the difference If you love braids but want to surprise along the way, the herringbone version helps us make a difference. Elegant, different and simple, this option is perfect to show off the 24 / 7. Tousled effect always works When in doubt, tousled effect always It’s a good solution. With a low braid, on the side and with uncontrolled locks, the result will be wonderful. The perfect ponytail does exist We know that the high ponytail is one one of the most effective hairstyles out there, but if we decorate two strands with braids and throw them back, the result will improve. A modern hairstyle for a tag event Go to a Black tie event – be it a presentation, a wedding or a red carpet – does not mean going for a boring look. The two 90s braids as bangs can accompany us to make a difference. This hairstyle is groundbreaking but at the same time very versatile. Photos | The Blonde Salad, Instagram @chiaraferragni