Unknown component: this is how iPhones will detect unofficial internals starting with iOS 15.2

Unknown component – this is how iPhones will detect unofficial internals starting with iOS 13.two, Do you know if that iPhone that you bought second-hand has been repaired by the previous owner with unofficial parts? Or, on the other hand, you have doubts as to whether the service center you brought your phone to has used genuine spare parts. If you’ve ever wondered any of this, the next version of iOS will answer these questions and let you know if you’ve lost your warranty . Apple has revealed that version 15. IOS 2 for iPhone will arrive with the “Parts and Service History” section. The user will be able to find information about the repairs that the terminal has undergone and the parts that have been used, although, as shown below, the details will be limited in some models. iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and later, including iPhone SE 2nd generation, will show if the battery has been replaced. The iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13, will indicate whether the battery or the screen have been replaced. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, will show if the battery, screen or camera has been replaced. Original and alternative spare parts For example, if you have changed the screen of your iPhone and want to know if it is original, you must enter Settings > General > Information and in Parts and Service History select “Screen”. There you will find one of these two messages: “Original Apple part” or “Unknown part”, the latter followed by a warning symbol. If the second message has appeared, there are three possible scenarios, according to a Apple Support Document : the Replaced part is not genuine , has been used in another iPhone or does not work as expected. You must bear in mind that if your iPhone has been repaired with a part not original and is still within the warranty period, the warranty will be automatically voided. However, if you have used non-genuine parts, these notices will not limit performance of your iPhone . That is, you can continue to use it safely. There is no doubt that the company wants users to use official parts. For now, this means taking the equipment to repair the Apple Store or the few suppliers authorized by the company. The Cupertino already have announced that they will offer original parts and instruction manuals so that anyone can repair their device at home (or in unofficial centers). However, this will arrive first in the United States, and there are no dates for Europe yet. Via | Gizmodo Image | 1024 Bagus Hernawan (Unsplash)