United States: Biden steps up vaccination campaign for migrants

The United States intends to vaccinate migrants who arrive at the Mexican border shortly after entering the United States. This measure could be accompanied by better communication of the benefits of vaccination to migrants, many of whom are reluctant.

Vaccination is still very limited for migrants in centers of detention of the United States Immigration and Customs Agency. Unlike those who are likely to be allowed entry into the United States, those who are promptly deported to Mexico, under the “Title 42” of the United States Penal Code, will not be administered a dose of vaccine.

The decision to speed up the vaccination campaign comes while the Delta variant continue to worry the authorities. Last Thursday, the American President announced the obligation , for four million federal employees, to be vaccinated or to undergo painful constraints, namely the wearing continuous mask and regular tests.

Bisbils between the Biden administration and the governor of Texas The administration Biden wishes to use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine , which has been shown to be effective in a single dose. This would be very advantageous in the face of a population that is less likely to have a second dose due to the precarious nature of their situation.

In July, 210. 000 migrants crossed the Mexican border, the highest figure in a month of these 21 past years, according to the Department of Homeland Security. In Texas, the state where the majority of detention centers are located, the number of daily cases of coronavirus infection has exceeded 10. 000 case last week for the first time since February. These figures led Republican Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, to strongly criticize Joe Biden’s immigration policy. On Tuesday, a federal court blocked Greg Abbott’s attempt to restrict the arrival of migrants from Mexico.