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Under the cover of night, Ukrainian forces tested the Russian defense – Could this be a preparation for the big counterattack?

Rogov wrote on his Telegram page, the Ukrainian forces they “made an unsuccessful attempt” to break through at Orihiv, in the southeastern part of Zaporizhzhya County. He added that after artillery preparation, an armored group of the Ukrainian armed forces launched an attack.

The Russian leader noted

it was previously unusual for Ukrainian forces to test their defenses during the night.

According to him, this could be because the Ukrainians could receive new equipment suitable for night deployment.

Rogov also said Ukrainian forces increased artillery attacks against the settlements in the front line, Vasilivka, Tokmak and Polohij.

According to analysts, the major Ukrainian counteroffensive, expected for the second half of spring and the beginning of summer, will most likely start in Zaporizhzhya County.

Cover photo: Ukrainian forces near Bahmut. Diego Herrera Carcedo/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images