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Ukrainian mayor with family found shot in the forest

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Olga Sukhenko, Mayor of Motyzhyn City, is believed to have been executed along with her family.

They were kidnapped two weeks ago.

Now the family has been found shot dead in a forest pit.

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Olga Sukhenko, mayor of the Ukrainian city of Motyzhyn, located about 50 km west of Kiev, was found dead with her family, writes. AP.

According to the news agency, Mayor Olga, her husband Igor and son Alexander were found shot in a pit in the forest. Local residents tell AP they were executed.

full screen The family is said to have been kidnapped by Russian soldiers on 23 March. Photo: Vadim Ghirda / AP

Kidnapped by soldiers

On March 23, it was reported that the family had been kidnapped from their home in the city of Motyzhyn. They are said to have been kidnapped by Russian soldiers in an unknown direction.

The pit in the forest where the three family members and an unidentified fourth person were found is in a forest area behind three houses where Russian soldiers are said to have spent the night, local residents report to the news agency. .

The city of Motyzhyn is one of the many places around Kiev that have been hit hard by the Russian invasion. From heavy artillery and rocket bombardments to the looting and killing of civilians, there was a month there and in the other occupied suburbs of Kiev.

On Sunday, the Ukrainian prosecutor said that 410 civilians have been found dead in the Kiev region so far, but that the total number is likely to be much higher.

full screen Olga Sukhenko, her son and her husband at a birthday party.

Girlfriend: “Heroes don’t die”

Relatives of the family claim that the three stayed in Motyzhyn to help when the Russians attacked.

“The family was categorically against leaving the city, they understood that people needed help, they helped with medicine and food,” a family member told the newspaper. Public when they were kidnapped.

When news broke that Olga, her husband Igor and her son Alexander had been found dead, many reacted.

Both the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and his son Alexander’s football team commented on the act. FC Kudrivka club signs up Facebook:

“Recently, Alexander delighted us all with goals scored and helped FC Kudrivka win trophies. I’m sure he would have had more goals ahead of him, not just in football, if he hadn’t left this world too soon.”

In a post on Instagram writes to his girlfriend Darya Belenitsyna about the death notice.

“I don’t have enough words and strength to describe what my whole family and I feel. It is a crime in every sense. All those involved will be brought to justice. They have caused pain that cannot be relieved, cannot be forgiven. I will do my best to make it happen. My Sasha, my hero. You didn’t leave your parents. You will be in my heart forever. In our hearts. Heroes don’t die. “

Russian strategy

According to the AP, kidnappings and threats against public personnel are part of the Russian strategy.

Russian forces are trying to persuade government officials and municipal politicians to switch sides and those who do not cooperate are killed, a person from Motyzhyn told AP.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk confirms that Olga Sukhenko was killed and says in a speech like posted on Facebook that eleven local community leaders in Ukraine are currently being held captive by Russian soldiers.

In his speech, he calls on the international community to “do everything possible” to return captured civilians, priests, mayors, journalists and activists.

“This is a military crime. The perpetrators will be punished under international humanitarian law,” said Iryna Vereshchuk.

FULL SCREEN A woman looks into her face after identifying her husband who was found dead after the Russians left Motyzhyn. Photo: Vadim Ghirda / APP Published:

Published: 04 April 2022 at 09.00