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Ukraine-Russia war, talks resume today. US warns China

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Ukraine-Russia war, diplomacy continues. After a “technical break”, negotiations resume today “between Kiev and Moscow.” The negotiations continue “, the adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, Mykhailo Podolyak, wrote yesterday in a tweet, taking stock of the talks that President Volodymyr Zelensky defined “difficult”.

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Yesterday the situation in Ukraine was not only the focus of talks between Kiev and Moscow, but also of a summit in Rome between US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan and Chinese Communist Party diplomacy chief Yang Jiechi. The face to face lasted almost 8 hours.

Kiev-Moscow talks

“The two sides actively express their specific positions: communications are kept up, but it is difficult,” Podolyak said. The chief negotiator observed that “at the root of the discord are political systems that are too different. Ukraine stands for freedom of dialogue within society and consensus, while Russia suffocates its own society with ultimatums”. Necessary, he underlined, “a free dialogue”. “Peace, an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of all Russian troops. And and only after this can we talk about regional relations and political differences”, wrote Podolyak, who reiterated Kiev’s position according to which his negotiators would they will refuse to start discussing the shape of future relations with Russia until Moscow first accepts an immediate ceasefire.

Instead, Ihor Zhovkva, deputy head of the office of Ukrainian President Zelensky, spoke of progress, saying he believes Moscow’s position is more constructive now than it was previously. “Instead of giving us an ultimatum or red lines or asking Ukraine to surrender, they now seem to be starting constructive negotiations,” he told BBC Radio 4.

Sullivan-Yang meeting

Jake Sullivan exposed Washington’s “direct and very clear concerns” to Yang Jeichi about Beijing’s possible “support for Russia” and its invasion of Ukraine. And the “consequences” that this would have for China. State Department spokesman Ned Price said in response to a question during the interview briefing.

“The National Security Advisor and our delegation raised our concerns directly and very clearly about China’s support for Russia in the face of the invasion – said the department’s spokesperson – and the implications that any support of this kind it would have for China’s relations not only with us but with the whole world, including our allies and partners in Europe and the Indo-Pacific “.

Russia allegedly asked China for both military and financial assistance during the conflict in Ukraine. CNN writes, according to which in the assistance requested by Moscow there are also pre-packaged and non-perishable military food kits.

According to reports to CNN by a Western official and a US diplomat, the United States would also have information on a certain willingness on the part of Beijing to provide Russia with the requested military and financial assistance and are transmitting this information to NATO allies.

“If China were to choose to materially support Russia in this war, there will probably be consequences for China,” a senior Pentagon source had already reported, questioned by the Financial Times, who did not however want to say whether China actually has provided military assistance to Moscow. The issue is being followed at the Pentagon “with great, great attention”, continued the source of the American newspaper who then added: “We have seen China practically give its tacit approval to Russia by refusing to join the sanctions, blaming it on The West and the United States for the assistance we are giving to Ukraine and affirming that they want a peaceful solution, but without doing practically anything to obtain it “.

The United States “is watching very carefully” whether China or other countries “can provide any kind of aid, be it material, economic, or financial to Russia”. State Department spokesman Ned Price said, saying that “aid from all over the world is a great concern for us”.

“There are a number of tools at our disposal in coordination with our allies,” White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said during the briefing, answering some questions about what kind of consequences there could be for China in case of aid. to Russia, underlining that Beijing “must make a choice” and recalling that the “G7 countries represent over 50% of the world economy”.

“At this moment we see no sign that President Putin is stopping the attack and starting the de-escalation”, he added, underlining that the United States continues to support “the participation of Ukrainians in the negotiations” with the Russians. And that they continue to provide Kiev with “the military aid that we believe will strengthen their position in these talks”.