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Ukraine-Russia war, Guerini: “No fly zone is not prosecutable”

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Ukraine-Russia war, “Putin was thinking of a blitzkrieg that ended in a few days with the fall of Zelensky”. This is what the Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini, told ‘Che tempo che fa’, adding that the “no fly zone is not prosecutable”. “In reality, for a series of reasons, first of all the heroic resistance of the armed forces and the Ukrainian population, together with other situations, also linked to the poor organization of the Russian offensive, has led to a situation of stagnation”. “Today we are in a different situation, in which Putin has decided to increase military activity, and the bombings that have dramatically filled the news in recent days give us full knowledge”.

“I think Putin is dealing with the wrong plans and the lost bet, a bet that everything would be resolved in a few days. This has not happened and I believe that today he is facing a dilemma. I hope this dilemma is solved. in a reasonable way, and that we return to confront ourselves diplomatically “.

NO FLY ZONE – Creating a no fly zone in Ukraine “would mean going to war with Russia, so it is an absolutely not feasible option. All of Europe and NATO itself have always excluded it”.

Italy participates “in measures to strengthen deterrence to make Putin understand that no centimeter of Europe and the Atlantic Alliance can be attacked, and that there will be an answer if this happens”.

“NATO is a defensive alliance, the activity takes place through the deterrence and reassurance measures of the countries most exposed to the East. We are present in Latvia, our planes that fly to Romania to do airspace surveillance”.

EUROPE – “European defense has been an ever-present issue, if Europe wants to be a global player it must have a common foreign and defense policy and have its own strategic autonomy to pursue its own security interests”. “What is happening gives more strength to this process but we must understand what we mean when we talk about European defense: it is not the romantic theme of a common army but – he explained – it means having a shared analysis of the threat, building technological and industrial capabilities municipalities. It is not a military technical issue but a political one, what is happening strengthens this thrust “.

INTERVIEWS – “Tomorrow there is a meeting in Rome between the American national security adviser and his Chinese counterpart. I think it is an important occasion, it means an increase in diplomatic work by the United States and China, the two countries which can condition the positive development of any diplomatic attempts “. Often, he recalled “the hopes have been denied the facts” but “we must encourage everything that goes towards a possible diplomatic solution that takes into account what has happened: that there is an aggressor and an attacked”.

Putin “has tried to tip the negotiating table on his side, so far this has not succeeded him even though I believe that our attention should be turned to the population”, underlined the minister. “So far I have not seen a sincere dialogue or the will to arrive at a diplomatic solution, but I believe that the pressure of the international community, the weight of sanctions and the Ukrainian resistance can lead Putin to a different attitude. Hope, even when it is reduced to the little light must always be strengthened – concluded Guerini – it is up to us to strengthen it “.