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Ukraine “Israel will be Kiev-Russia mediator”

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Second Andriy YermakHead of President Zelensky’s office, the diplomatic breakthrough could be imminent: “Israel will mediate the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. The country has also agreed to welcome relatives of people already residing there, as part of humanitarian efforts», Says the main collaborator of the Ukrainian President.

Meanwhile, the fury on the battlefield does not subside: Kiev woke up this morning with a mortar strike that devastated a building in the historic center, the attempt to escape civilians from the city of Mariupol resumes for the umpteenth time: the humanitarian corridor has in fact been unblocked, a probable consequence of the ongoing negotiations between Kiev and Moscow. According to what he explains adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko to the UNIAN agency, “the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol, in southern Ukraine besieged by the Russians, has begun, and dozens of cars carrying residents have been able to leave the town“. The President Zelensky returns to speak with a new video on Telegram and Facebook and he refers both to Putin and to the intervention of the West so far always refused to avoid a third world war: “Russia continues to destroy our infrastructure, continues to beat our cities. But we will restore every street every city. Every house, every Ukrainian’s apartments. Now that the occupier is still on our land, we have to beat him as hard as we can. Protect the cities, protect the villages, protect every meter of our land. And every piece of our heart. Ukrainian heart. The soul of Ukraine. Help each other! Let’s support each other! Keep your defense up! And protect the state! Together we will win. Glory to Ukraine! ” Negotiations with Moscow are continuing, albeit very complicated, with some positive glimmers emerging from the videoconference in progress between the two delegations: “Moscow’s position is more constructive than it was previously. Instead of giving us an ultimatum or red lines or asking Ukraine to capitulate, they now appear to be engaging in constructive negotiations», The deputy head of President Zelensky’s office told Radio 4’s Today, Ihor Zhovkva. The time factor is far from secondary, especially after the spokesperson Peskov from the Kremlin makes it known that for “the special operation in Ukraine“- the name used in Russia to talk about the ongoing war against Kiev – no final dates are foreseen. (adj. by Niccolò Magnani)


The parties are actively expressing their positions, which have already been clarified. Communication is difficult, but it goes on. The reason for the differences is that we have very different political systems»: He wrote it on Twitter Mikhail Podolyakthe President’s advisor Zelensky and head of the Ukrainian delegation in the fourth round peace negotiations.

Podolyak himself then announced that in the course of these talks Kiev is asking «the ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops. The Foreign Minister of Kiev is even harder, Dmytro Kulebawhich addresses the West and NATO directly: “to those abroad who are afraid of being drawn into the Third World War. Ukraine fights successfully. We need you to help us fight. Provide us with all the necessary weapons “. Not only that, Ukraine by putting pressure on the EU is relaunching, “Apply more sanctions to Russia and isolate it completely. Help Ukraine to force Putin into bankruptcy and you will avert a bigger war “. Kuleba’s counterpart, the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrovhe replies from a distance, “no more threats must come from Ukraine against Moscow “. The Kremlin, while negotiations continue on the international front, however, is aiming for gains on the ground: “The Russian army is not ruling out taking total control of large Ukrainian cities“. TO Kiev, Mariupol, Kharkiv but also a Odessa and Lviv, the tension is sky high. (adj. by Niccolò Magnani)


Today Monday 14 March is day of negotiationsbut also of bombs, in the conflict now underway for almost 20 days between Ukraine and Russiaand that every passing day is likely to turn into a real third world war: first of all the talks between the delegations from Kiev and Moscowthis time for video connection and no longer on the border with Belarus.

As reiterated by the head of the Ukrainian delegation last night, Mykhailo PodolyakI think we will get some results in literally a few days. Ukraine has no plans to give in on important issues. The Russian and Ukrainian delegations plan to conduct their fourth round of negotiations earlier this week (today, ed)“. Even from the Kremlin they admit that there have been important developments between Kiev and Moscow and do not exclude that it may take place in the next few days direct meeting between Putin and Zelensky: perhaps with the help of Israel, perhaps of Turkey – the two countries ahead in terms of mediation between the two contenders – or of China itself. In fact, the meeting in Rome between national security advisors is also expected today Jack Sullivan and the chief of diplomacy of the Communist Party of China Yang Jiechi. An important summit that could bring the end of hostilities closer, especially if China were to play a strong role of “moral suasion” on the Kremlin to immediately end the war on all fronts. The bombs continue to be dropped from east to west of Ukraine, with the fear that the conflict can spread beyond repair should the missiles move from Lviv a few kilometers further (in Poland). Meanwhile, with Kiev increasingly besieged, the BBC reports a bombing launched at the Antonov aircraft plant, about 10 km from the center of the Ukrainian capital. (adj. by Niccolò Magnani)


The conflict between Russia and Ukrainewhich according to many could turn into Third World war. The news on Sunday, in fact, is not very reassuring: now the bombings are one step away from the borders with the European Union. Some Russian missiles have in fact destroyed a military base in Yavoriv, ​​just 25 km from Poland: the town is in fact halfway between Lviv and the Polish border. 35 people died in the attack, not just Ukrainians. There are also 134 wounded, including Dutch members of the foreign legion. From Moscow they claimed to have killed “foreign mercenaries” and destroyed “foreign weapons”.

For the first time since the beginning of the conflictin fact, there are also foreign deaths. Among these is the US reporter Brent Renaud, killed in Irpin, a suburb of Kiev. There, where he was filming refugees on the run, he was shot in the neck. From the White House they speak of the risk of a chemical war, in which even Moscow would pay a high price. Warsaw advised: “If Putin uses chemical weapons, NATO will intervene”. Translated into Italian: the scenario of a Third World War opens up. The Minister of Defense Guerini commented on the matter as follows: “We will not allow attacks on Europe, the EU must have a common defense policy”.


Yesterday eveningcame the news for which the Russia he would have asked China for military assistance to continue the invasion of Ukraine with more forces and armaments. An alarming news that immediately suggests a possible Third World War. Reporting the indiscretion is the Financial Times, which cites American sources according to which Moscow has requested the sending of military equipment and other assistance to Beijing. Help would have been asked for weeks, since the invasion began. The request raised no small amount of concern in the White House. In fact, fears about the possible involvement of China in the war are growing.

An intrusion on the part of Beijing it would increase the risk of a Third World War and effectively nullify European and Western efforts to support Ukrainian forces. According to the Financial Times, some American officials have received indications of some shortcomings in the weapons of the Russian forces: for this very reason, an intervention by China would be vital for Russia. A meeting between the US National Security Advisor should also be held today in Rome, Jake Sullivan, and Yang Jiechi, a member of the Chinese Communist Party and director of the Foreign Affairs Commission. The two will discuss the situation in Ukraine and “Of the impact of Russia’s war against Ukraine on regional and global security”as stated in a statement by the White House.