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Ukraine is looking for operators for a weapon it does not officially possess

Reznikov announced: a call for pilots who are capable of flying F-16 fighter jets and are willing to participate in the war. “The door is open for them,” said the head of the ministry.

The negotiations will take time, because the countries must act together, but a decision can be reached in the short term – Poulsen explained during his visit to Ukraine.

Denmark will not decide on this alonebut together with several countries, and the Americans must also be consulted on the matter – emphasized the minister.

Slovakia and Poland began sending Soviet-designed MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine in late March and early April, respectively. Denmark has forty-three F-16s, thirty of which are active. It will replace these American-designed aircraft with twenty-seven American F-35s.

The United States has so far rejected to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. During his visit to Kyiv in February, US President Joe Biden stated that Ukraine does not need the planes yet, because – as he pointed out – the United States provides other important weapons for the time being.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin previously expressed his belief that the Ukrainians currently need long-range air defense systems, and the F-16 multi-purpose fighter jets cannot help Ukraine at this stage of the conflict.

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