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Ukraine, 400 Italians in the country: 34 are blocked

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In Ukraine 34 Italians blocked. The compatriots present in the country torn apart by the war with Russia were 2,000, today they are “400”, said Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, explaining that “we have already saved 200” and of the 400 present in the country, “34 are blocked “. “We are working on it every day”, he said in connection with ‘Non รจ l’Arena’, thanking the Farnesina Crisis Unit for the work done.

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Previously, the Italian ambassador Pier Francesco Zazo, connected from Lviv with ‘Che tempo che fa’ on Rai 3, said that “about 400 Italians remained in Ukraine”, adding that “initially there were about 2 thousand”. Zazo underlined “a very interesting aspect: many of the remaining Italians want to stay in Ukraine, because they lived their lives here, and here they have wives and children”.

“Then unfortunately – added the ambassador – there are also some people who have been trapped and find it difficult to leave the country. For us this is a big problem. We are trying to do our best”.

THE ITALIAN EMBASSY IN UKRAINE – “The fact that the Italian embassy is still present in Ukrainian territory represents a very important aspect, appreciated by both the Ukrainian government, which considers it a gesture of solidarity and closeness in such a difficult moment in their history , but perhaps also psychological support for the Italians who are still here, they know that there is still a functioning embassy in Lviv “, the words of Zazo. To have maintained the embassy on Ukrainian territory “among the large G7 countries there are only Italy and France. The majority of the other large countries are in Poland”, Zazo specified, saying he was “very grateful to the Italian government that I he immediately asked to return to Ukraine “.

“All in all, life is still pretty quiet, almost normal, with most of the restaurants still open.” “The bombings thank God did not reach Lviv, but at the base of Yavoriv which is 45 kilometers away. I was sleeping and did not wake up, while some of my collaborators heard the explosions”, said the ambassador speaking of the attack. last night. “We hope that the military escalation does not arrive here too Lviv, where we have 200 thousand refugees”, said the ambassador.

“We must above all focus on basic necessities. The most pressing problems are water, food and medicines, especially in the cities that are surrounded by troops.” “Here the situation is now becoming dramatic: there are 2.5 million refugees abroad and between 2 and 3 million internally displaced persons. If one of the Ukrainian cities were to fall, the situation would worsen further”, he continued, recalling that “it is the largest movement of refugees and internally displaced persons from the Second World War to today”.

“I believe – he added – that at this moment the role played by the Italian embassy is very important, because at the moment there is great generosity on the Italian side, but it is important that there is order and coordination and we are ready to give a big hand in creating the right channels “.

NEGOTIATIONS – “I hope so, because unfortunately the negotiating efforts initiated by Israel and Turkey have not had the expected effects”, he said, answering a question about the importance or otherwise of the meeting between China and the United States in Rome.

“The negotiation between the Russians and the Ukrainians is asymmetrical. Zelensky has given his willingness to yield on Donbass and Crimea and will probably also yield, should the Russians take Mariupol, to the hypothesis that Russia achieves this goal of linking Crimea to Donbass. Ukraine is also ready to make concessions on neutrality as well, but the real problem is represented by demilitarization, since unfortunately there is a lack of confidence of the Ukrainians, as they know that there has so far not been a proposal for a cessation on the Russian side. the fire or even a partial withdrawal of troops “, Zazo explained, adding that the Ukrainians” consider it more than a negotiation, an ultimatum, an unconditional surrender “.

RISK OF WAR ENLARGEMENT – “In my opinion, the moment is rather dangerous. I do not believe in a risk of a world war, also because NATO does not want it, but in the risk that Ukraine will become the scene of an urban guerrilla, which can become a war partisan in the future. I hope not, it depends a lot on President Putin or on the success of an international mediation “.

“Militarily speaking, Russia is superior to Ukraine and will probably be able to conquer the big Ukrainian cities and arrive with tanks in the center of the big Ukrainian cities, but then they will never be able to govern, to install a pro-Russian puppet government and to On the military level, Russia will win, but the real problem is that it will be impossible to govern this country with 190,000 men, in a territory that is twice the size of France “, said Zazo, explaining that the main obstacle is also resistance. Ukraine.

“There is general hostility from the Ukrainian population. Even in the already conquered cities there is a hallucinating popular uprising. They are firmly determined to resist. This is a struggle for freedom, for the self-determination of the people. That’s why they are enough. concerned about future developments, “explained the ambassador.