UGT will leave the trading tables if SMI is not increased

Pepe Álvarez warns the Government that his patience has run out Pepe Álvarez, Secretary General of the UGT. Madrid 16 / 08 / 2021 – 16: 00

The Secretary General of the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, raised the tone of his warnings to the Government. He declared in Murcia, after a meeting with the president of the regional government, Fernando López Miras, that “our patience has run out, if there is no firm proposal on raising the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) in the first meeting in September, with us that do not count for the rest of the negotiation tables “.

The union currently participates in the labor reform table and in which it must address the second part of the Social Security financing model. But also, active employment policies or the one that should be proposed in September to reformulate the end of the year Ertes, among others.

Pepe Álvarez reiterated UGT’s commitment to increasing the SMI and pointed out that it is a An issue that cannot wait any longer, something that the union has transferred to the government and the president “every time I have had the opportunity,” remarked the union’s general secretary.

“We cannot put on a smile until the life of The SMI affects around four million workers, in the case of Murcia, about one 19% of the population would benefit from this increase. In addition, a rise of 25 euros per month does not make any serious difference to the viability of the companies, “the union reported yesterday in a memo. go to the media.

Álvarez pointed out that “withdrawing from the negotiating table will be the first step”, but there will be more measures if the Government does not respond and intends to continue deciding “where to negotiate and where not to, because that is prepotency”. “We began to be fed up with statements in which it seems that they decide everything on their own, that they are self-sufficient.” We do not ask any question that is not in the Government programs, “he said.


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