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Two large German companies will manufacture American fighter jets

Lufthansa Technik, the service company of Germany’s largest airline, and Rheinmetall, a major leader in the defense industry, are working together in a consortium to manufacture and maintain F-35s. Carsten Spohr, CEO of the Lufthansa Group, emphasized that the participation in the project is the result of a strategic decision, as the demand for services that improve the readiness of armies increases worldwide due to armed conflicts.

The leader also announced that the company does not want to be left out of military developments with a large air transport aspect, so sixty CH-47 type troop carriers will arrive from Boeing following the purchase of transport helicopters by the Luftwaffe.

The German air fleet is expected to replace its Tornado type fighters with F-35s starting in 2026, the 35 planes will cost nearly ten billion euros.

Cover image: The American F-35 fighter jet. Source: Getty Images