Downloading Twitch TV clips used to be incredibly easy. The users who wanted could download the clips to their local devices after saving the clip. This process is not that easy anymore due to an update coming in 2018. We explained all the necessary steps to download Twitch TV clips in our article.

What are Twitch TV Clips?

Twitch TV clips usually feature special moments from Twitch TV broadcasters during the broadcast. These special moments are recorded on Twitch TV by the viewers by the method of taking clips. In essence, they are special moments left off air. In this way, these clips can even fall on the Twitch TV homepage, which can be viewed later. In addition, content producers doing Twitch TV edits for YouTube often use these clips as a source.

How to Download Twitch TV Clips?

As we mentioned, the Twitch TV clip download process used to be an option allowed by Twitch TV, but now you need to follow a series of steps to do this. This is what I’m talking about in a series of steps is actually a very simple Chrome extension. With this plugin, you can easily download all Twitch TV clips and share them with your friends.

Utilities and Sites for Twitch TV Clip Download

To download Twitch TV clips, enter the Chrome extension market. Then search and install the plugin called Twitch Clip Downloader. Now whenever you enter the Twitch TV platform to download Twitch TV clips. You will see it as an option.

Can you download clips from twitch?

Once you’ve saved a clip to your own Twitch account, you are able to download the clip right to your desktop. Twitch used to allow for clips to be downloaded right from the video player in Firefox and Chrome simply by right-clicking on the video and selecting the “Save Video As…” prompt in the context menu.

How do you download multiple twitch clips?

Do twitch clips stay forever?

Do clips ever expire? No. Just like highlights, clips will never expire!

Is there any way to download twitch streams?

Should I Download Twitch Videos? All of the Twitch’s registered users can download their live stream videos, regardless of the type of account they have. However, if you have a regular user account, you only have two weeks before the video is automatically deleted from the platform’s servers.

How do I find my old twitch clips?

Next time you’re watching a live stream and see a moment you want to remember, just hit the Clip button on the video player to make a 30-second video from the stream, and the link will be saved at

How long do clips stay on twitch?

for 14 days
All other broadcasters will have their broadcasts saved for 14 days before they are deleted. If there’s content you’d like to save for longer, you can highlight it! Highlights are stored indefinitely and do not expire.

Where can I watch twitch clips?

Starting today, you can watch popular clips directly on Twitch — clips are now part of the channel page. Want to catch up on a streamer’s last game session before they go live, or quickly get familiar with a new channel? Head over to a channel’s Clips tab to see which moments were clipped from that channel.

How do I find my twitch clips?

starting today, you can now browse clips on game directories and categories like IRL and Twitch Creative. When you only have a few minutes to check out a new release or catch up on the latest from your favorite games, head over to the Clips tab on a game directory page to start browsing.

Can Twitch streamers delete clips?

Back in June, Twitch notified streamers of “mass DMCA claims against clips” from record labels spanning 2017-2019. Since then, Twitch has given creators the ability to delete all of their clips at once and control who can actually make clips on someone’s channel.