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Twelve gifts from Bimba and Lola discounted to be the queen of invisible friends without spending too much: bags, … -!


We have officially entered that time of year when presents come : what if the invisible friend from work, what if the family, what if the Papá Noel, what if the Three Wise Men … Come on, we need a shot of ideas and constant originality (which we often lack) in the face of so many gifts.

Another key aspect when choosing gifts is the economic one, very much to take into account if we do not want to end Christmas in the red. So today we wanted to combine originality with economy and we looked for gifts in Bimba y Lola . A brand that we love and for which now has some discounted products that come to us with pearls in the face of invisible friends:

Carolina Herrera New Yorker Film 2000 – 2022

Jewelry Yes, Bimba y Lola also has a jewelry section with bracelets, necklaces and earrings , among other things. Among which we have found some very original models for Christmas:

First of all we have these earrings, with the brand logo in full color and a teardrop-shaped pearl for 38 euros 30 euros.

If we are looking for something more elegant and delicate , this golden ring with white crystals and the signature logo is ideal. 45 euros 32 euros.

Golden ring with crystals

Both for friends and family, this short necklace with the heart charm seems to us a super sweet gift ( also to give ourselves). 38 euros 26 euros.

And finally, a bracelet could not be missing: a classic gift that, especially if it combines pearls with gold as in this model, is a timeless jewel. 55 euros 43 euros.

Link bracelets with pearls


If we are looking for a gift that is a sure hit, this small black nylon shoulder bag is the solution. 88 euros 70 euros.

This ice blue bag seems a perfect option, both for the color and the shape and the chain. 165 euros 135 euros.

This black tote bag is ideal for those who spend the day here and there and need a large bag to carry everything . It is made of leather. 285 euros 228 euros.

And if we want to bet on vibrant colors , how fashionable are they? This year, this bubblegum pink crossbody bag is the best. 135 euros 120 euros.

Bubblegum pink shoulder bag

Scarves and accessories Bimba y Lola is not just bags: it also has a wide line of accessories such as handkerchiefs or purses with very lively and interesting designs and prints.

First of all we have this floral scarf with a satin finish from 120 x 120 cm, with a design inspired by the classic walls of country houses. 55 euros 45 euros.

Continuing with the line of scarves we have this other model, ideal for fans of the logomania and the animal print , as it combines both trends. 55 euros 43 euros.

Logo and animal print scarf

We also find purses, discreet but practical and ideal for gifts when we do not know very well the tastes of the person . 30 euros 24 euros.

Among its products we also find toiletry bags like this one in pink, ideal to have everything organized in this time of travel and Christmas reunions. 35 euros 28 euros.

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