Turkmenistan wants to shut down the “Gate of Hell” after 50 years – RB

Turkmenistan wants to shut down the “Gate of Hell” after 50 years – RB

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Turkmenistan wants to shut down the “Gate of Hell” after 50 years – RB

Turkmenistan wants to shut down the “Gate of Hell” after 50 years – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Turkmenistan wants to shut down the “Gate of Hell” after 50 years – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Turkmenistan wants to shut down the “Gate of Hell” later 50 years – RB


In Turkmenistan there is a curious geological phenomenon, the “Gate of Hell”, a burning crater from 50 years and could be shut down forever

The homeland of neutrality: this is the official motto of Turkmenistan , a former Soviet republic located in Central Asia and overlooking the Caspian Sea. This country, however, is also home to a very special tourist attraction. It is known as “Gate of Hell” , a very disturbing but easily explained name. It is a large crater that attracts many people every year for its main feature, the flames that have been burning inside for more than half a century. However, this geological phenomenon could be short-lived, given that the Asian nation is determined to extinguish the stake once and for all.

How can such a clear decision be explained after such a long time? The announcement was made by the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov . The goal is to close forever the crater located near Derweze, a town in the central part of the country. The flames in question cannot fail to exert a great fascination. The fire in the crater has an unmistakable color, an intense orange that is visible both day and night. Furthermore, it is possible to admire the flames even from many kilometers away. As if that were not enough, the atmosphere you breathe is unique in its kind, the classic sulphurous smell which unites various geological phenomena.

Rich and indispensable natural deposits

The change of course by the government of Turkmenistan is very easily explained. The fumes from the stake are noxious and President Berdymukhamedov does not want the health conditions of the inhabitants of the area get worse from year to year. In addition, there are many natural deposits in the place and the crater is a hindrance of no small importance. The Turkmen economy essentially depends on natural resources and the lack of exploitation affects the national financial wealth which is not just enviable. How exactly was the “Gate of Hell” born? The origin should have been artificial: the story can be traced back to 50 years ago, for the precision to 1971 .

One mistake after another

Some geologists from the former Soviet Union identified the place as the most suitable for obtaining a new gas field . The explorations continued unabated, until the discovery of a cave, with the continuous drilling that caused the sudden and inexorable collapse. A cavity with a diameter equal to was formed 70 meters , while the fire became the only possible remedy to prevent the release of toxic gases, primarily methane. The premises and promises were very different from what then became reality. The Soviets hastily assured that the fire would be extinguished in a few days and that the area would be made safe.

The flames that have continued to burn ever since testify that something has gone wrong, despite this tourist destination being a one of the most popular in all of Turkmenistan, also because it is isolated and inhospitable like few others. It is not the first time that Berdymukhamedov, in fact the head of a dictatorial regime, has announced the extinction of the stake. An identical promise was made in 2010 , while in 2018 it referred to a new name of the place. The inhabitants of the area just have to hope that the famous saying “there is no two without three” will materialize.

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