RockedBuzz, YEREVAN, ARMENIAThe Turkish government has denied claims by the Armenian defense ministry that one of its F-16’s shot down an Armenian warplane, Reuters reports, citing Turkey’s communications director Fahrettin Altun. Fighting erupted between Armenia and Azerbaijan on Sunday, Sept.

27 over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Nagorno-Karabakh lies inside Azerbaijan but has been controlled by ethnic Armenians backed by the Armenian government since the 1988-94 war between the two former Soviet republics. Armenia also controls Azeri territory connecting the region to Armenia.

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, an Armenian defence ministry spokeswoman said a Turkish F-16 jet shot down an Armenian Su-25 ground attack plane 60 kilometers inside Armenia proper, killing its pilot.

The Drive’s War Zone blog reports that Armenia did not provide substantial evidence of the loss of an Su-25 or the presence of a Turkish F-16 in the area.

The War Zone cited speculation that one of Azerbaijan’s MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jets may have shot the Su-25 down.

Azerbaijan says it does not possess F-16s. The news raises fears that other regional powers such as Russia could become involved in the conflict.”

The War Zone reports that Armenian officials have warned intervention by Turkish forces could trigger the use of Russian-supplied Iskander-E short-range ballistic missiles against targets in Azerbaijan.


one of europe’s frozen conflicts erupted

into heavy fighting over the weekend

between armenia

and azerbaijan and now turkey may or may

not be involved

here is what we know so far the turkish

government has denied claims by the

armenian defense ministry

that one of its f-16s shot down an

armenian warplane

reuters reports citing turkey’s

communications director

faryteen altoon fighting erupted between

armenia and azerbaijan on sunday

september 27th

over the disputed nagorno-karabakh


nagorno-karabakh lies inside azerbaijan

but has been controlled by an

armenian-backed regime since the

1988-1994 war

between the two former soviet republics

armenia also controls azeri territory

connecting the region to armenia

on tuesday september 29th an armenian

defense ministry spokeswoman said a

turkish f-16 jet

shot down an armenian su-25 ground

attack plane 60 kilometers inside

armenia proper

killing its pilot the drive’s war zone

blog reports that armenia did not

provide substantial evidence

of the loss of a su-25 or the presence

of a turkish f-16 in the area

warzone cited speculation that one of

azerbaijan’s mig-29 fulcrum fighter jets

may have shot the su-25 down

the news raises fears that other

regional powers such as russia could

become involved sparking a wider


war zone reports that armenian officials

have warned intervention by turkish

forces could trigger the use

of russian-supplied iskandar e

short-range ballistic missiles against

targets in azerbaijan

nagorno-karabakh region is recognized

internationally as part of azerbaijan

but its population of about 150 000 is

majority ethnic armenian

turkey is a member of nato and a u.s

ally it has strong cultural and

linguistic ties to azerbaijan

russia has military alliances with both

countries but also has a military base

in armenia

fighting over nagorno-karabakh after the

collapse of the soviet union killed

about 30 000 people and displaced 1


it ended in 1994 with de facto armenian

control of the region

given the emphatic denials from multiple

turkish officials this is probably

armenian propaganda

besides turkey is busy elsewhere in the

middle of another of europe’s frozen

wars that could also draw in the u.s

and russia greece and turkey are


rival military exercises over disputed

waters in the mediterranean

and now even the us and united arab

emirates are involved

here is what you need to know france on

tuesday august 25th

dispatched rafal fighter jets to cyprus

as tensions between turkey and greece

continue to rise

over claims to oil and gas in the

eastern mediterranean

the cyprus mail reports that france is

taking part in a naval exercise with

greece cyprus and italy

that will be conducted west of cyprus

from august 26 to august 28th

the three rafales joined three greek

f-16s at poffos’s andreas papuandra air

base in cypress

french frigate lafayette is also taking

part in the exercises

turkey’s or rich reese research vessel

is currently looking for oil and gas


in disputed waters east of cyprus

accompanied by turkish naval vessels

according to the bbc ankara announced on

monday that the mission would be

extended to august 27th

meanwhile the greek general staff on

tuesday published photos and video

footage on twitter of a greek american

naval exercise near cyprus on monday

the exercise involved the uss winston-s

churchill destroyer and american


and greek officials on friday said the

united arab emirates would send f-16s to


for joint training this week the bbc


greece and turkey are both members of

nato and at least on paper

allies with the u.s but it seems like

washington is trying to send a signal

tensions are flaring up again between

france and turkey

here’s what you need to know france is

boosting its presence in the eastern

mediterranean to support greece in its

standoff with turkey

adding two raphael fighter jets the

frigate lafayette

and the toner amphibious assault

helicopter carrier to its forces in the


the french ministry of the armed forces

announced the decision on thursday

august 13th

according to a report in le monde the

move comes after turkey announced on

tuesday august 11

that it had dispatched the orokurez

seismic exploration ship

accompanied by warships to disputed

waters in the region

turkey says the arucres will search for

hydrocarbons in an area comprising

two-thirds of greece’s exclusive

economic zone

until august 23rd according to an

article in the state-run anadolu news


turkey’s claims in the eastern

mediterranean overlap with the exclusive

economic zones of greece and

cyprus in waters mostly dotted with

greek islands the contested area is

believed to be rich in untapped oil

and natural gas fields le monde reports

the raphael jets were in cyprus to help

patrol the cyprus exclusive economic

zone and are now relocating to suda

on the greek island of crete on july 23

president macron

denounced violations of greek and

cypriot sovereignty

by turkey in its exploration of gas

resources in the area

france has also butted heads recently

with turkey over libya and syria

in june france accused turkey of

deliberately targeting a french warship

that was on a nato mission to check

whether a turkish vessel was smuggling

arms to libya

turkey has dispatched thousands of

syrian fighters as proxies in libya

france fears this gives turkish

president erdogan even more control over

the flow of refugees into europe

turkish and greek fighter jets engaged

in 16 mock dogfights after greece’s

airspace was violated by turkish jets on

december 17th

over territorial claims in the aegean

sea stars and stripes reports that greek

air force pilots rushed to intercept the

turkish jets as they entered the

country’s airspace

a total of 40 times on tuesday the two

nations are at odds over issues

including the delimitation of

territorial waters

airspace exclusion zones and turkey’s

claims over small islands in the aegean


citing turkish vice president fuad ogte

stars and stripes reports that turkey

said it could send in military forces

into the eastern mediterranean

and add armed drones to northern cyprus

over the two countries territorial


greek defense minister nico’s

panagiotopolis had previously said that

the disputed area is controlled by the

greek military

according to greek city times the

country plans to purchase drones from

the us

and israel the technology could be used

to surveil turkey’s military moves in

the mediterranean

the move comes amid growing tensions

between greece and turkey as the u.s has

increased its military ties with greece

while the u.s could move ahead to

sanction turkey over its military

invasion in northern syria

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