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And finally, we talk about our feelings about Fundación , now that the first season is over. Of course, no spoilers, so listen calmly.

Spies, few Macs, improving Siri and Trantor

We started the episode with the news of Apple’s lawsuit against NSO Group. Apple wants to force that this company cannot use its products and services due to fraudulent use of the same. NSO Group is behind Pegasus software, which it distributes to governments and security forces and which has often been used to spy on dissident citizens by authoritarian governments. In Cupertino they believe it is unfair to have to face a company supported by states.

Javier Lacort gives us two articles this week. The first is about the small number of Macs that Apple has released is very low since it introduced the Apple silicon . Curious figures that simplify the decision to buy a computer: now the Mac to recommend by default is a single MacBook Air model.

The second exclusively reveals the Siri improvement program in Spain. Participants received a HomePod mini and an Apple TV 4K as compensation for two weeks of study. The article provides very interesting details that we discussed in this talk.

After the usual review of news from the Applesfera newspaper library, we move on to the main course : Foundation. After finishing the first season two Fridays ago, it is time to comment on it, without major spoilers. We liked? Did we expect more? Is it worth seeing for someone outside the saga? We answer all these questions.

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