Travis Scott Hairstyle

Travis Scott Hairstyle and Little girl Stormi!

Travis Scott Hairstyle and Little girl Stormi! All parents want their children to look like them, and those who belong to the celebrity universe , like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott , are no exception. Until now, it was the creator of Kylie Cosmetics who was ahead of the rapper, since  Stormi  is completely obsessed with makeup , as her mother has revealed. He has even had to control the little girl when he asks her to use lipstick, something that at the moment he does not allow him to use, nor is his cousin North allowed . However, Kylie is not the only one able to influence the tastes of her little girl.. And is that the daughter of the businesswoman and the rapper does not lose sight of his father, in fact, he has imitated the artist with his hairstyle 

This Monday, a proud Travis shared on his social profiles the image of the little girl in the house with the characteristic braids she wears. “Daddy’s hair,” she wrote accompanying the image and melting at her daughter’s latest makeover. For his followers, it is clear. Stormi has to give up cosmetics and follow in the singer’s footsteps. “If she becomes a rapper, she should be called Lil Stormy,” suggested one of the artist’s fans, receiving several likes. The hairstyle that has been done shortly before the age of two is called box braiding , which consists of dividing the hair into sections with a square or triangular shape and making the braid with each lock.

Travis Scott Hairstyle and Little girl

Although unlike her father, Stormi has added transparent beads at the tip of the braids , giving her hairstyle a more fun look . With this, we are facing the proof that, as much as she has shared hobbies with her mother, by wearing the same hairstyle as the singer, her resemblance to the artist is more than reasonable! Although Travis and Kylie broke up after two years together , their relationship is unbeatable, and the makeup mogul makes sure the little one goes, whenever she can, to see her father in concert. With her fondness for the rapper’s songs, the little girl is one of the best supports for the artist, since her relationship with her daughter is very close.


In addition to the haircut, the photo Travis shared revealed something else of his little girl, another of his personalized necklaces from  his collection of  custom-made jewelry . The exclusive piece is added to the one he already has of diamonds that he received for his birthday with a tiny lightning bolt. The one this time bears the word “Stormiworld”, the name given to the theme park they organized for their birthday. As well as another thinner chain in which the name of Stormi and that of his mother is read, a way to have the billionaire always with her. Between that and the new look in honor of the rapper, what is clear is that her parents always accompany her wherever she goes, a detail that shows the affection they have and that the happiness of their daughter is their priority .