Training with FREE RED HAT experts: Innovation and Digital Transformation

The rules of the game have changed. Wellcome telecommuting, see you soon office. Is your company and team prepared to face the business challenges of today, with teleworking as a new mandatory style that must ensure the work processes of your organization?

One of the phenomena derived from the pandemic and the forced confinement of many countries, especially in the professional environment, is the digital transformation, which has increased the speed of expansion and the weight it supports in organizations; The digital transformation or digitization of companies is the bet of many companies that in an obligatory way and from an urgent need in terms of survival, have not been able to do anything but run towards a forced adaptation, improvised but above all necessary, attending to some new rules of the game; There is no margin for progressive adaptation, and in a scenario where all countries, rich, poor or developing, have been affected and forced to function, in a scenario where people now work from home and not from the office.

Now more than ever we talk about Telework, remote work; the stability of the communications, acquires a different dimension, and proof of this is the videoconferences, which have come to replace the face-to-face meetings. Social distancing, in a work environment, must occur from stability. Communications are now part of the work process and play a crucial role in ensuring coordination between people and teams, with the handicap of distance, but with the wind in favor of technology.

Faced with this situation, now more than ever it is necessary, vital, essential to bet on a work ecosystem where access to applications, programs, and information occurs with the same reliability and security as before. In the hands of many IT teams the responsibility and stability of the company has fallen, to ensure that the work processes are adapted and at full capacity.

Why should your IT team now use OpenShift?

Red Hat OpenShift is a development platform with a Cloud approach (in the cloud) PaaS (Platform as a service) that Red Hat offers us to be able to implement web applications programmed by today’s companies that are focusing on digitization and creation of Web applications. If you are looking to manage hybrid and multicloud cloud deployments this is the best choice.

One of the most notable and differential points is that Red Hat through OpenShift makes it easier for developers to use its platform. It helps us to be able to improve productivity, focusing the team on the development of its application without having to know in depth the technologies used by the platform such as Containers or Kubernetes in the nodes of the Server Cluster in order to implement it more comfortably and easily. .

The scalability that OpenShift offers us is also very remarkable, since it allows adaptation quickly and easily based on requests that our web application may have. So the implementation is stable and adaptable, covering the container needs that may arise at all times.

The Red Hat Openshift platform offers enterprise Kubernetes containers with automated operations for managing both hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

To understand Kubernetes, k8s or also called “kube” in a summarized way, we can say it is in charge of helping us in the administration of clusters. It is an open source platform that automates Linux container operations. This offers us to simplify the deployment and scalability of containerized applications.

You could enter more points, we highlight the most important:

  • Enterprise-grade Linux operating system
  • Container runtime, network connections, monitoring, logging, and authentication and authorization solutions.
  • You can automate lifecycle management for added security.
  • Easy-to-manage cluster operations and application portability.

Training and contact with product professionals have also become fundamental aspects to keep up with new technologies, to be able to take advantage of technological and computer resources, and of course to be able to solve problems. Knowledge and experience have become a demand, which we must satisfy and feed with updates, and training that help keep up to date.

In this vein Red Hat has created a program with practical webinars that are free, which offers the knowledge of experts who can help you at this time, to better understand the ecosystem, to be more prepared, to be a better professional.

FREE RED HAT experts It is the program launched by RED HAT, a world leader in technological and computer solutions in business open sourcing. This program has a series of free didactic and practical webinars that offer training given by experts so that you or your IT team are 100% prepared to face the digital transformation of your company, at a time as important as the one we are experiencing.

A pioneer in many services, Red Hat offers personalized service, security and attention. And now it has been launched with this program that aims to better train all the products and services that the IT team may need to ensure that Open source, all the applications, communications, development, information, security and processes that your business requires , are guaranteed in moments where Teleworking has become the buzzword. These sessions will talk and teach real solutions for automation, for application development, for security, for the hybrid cloud. Solutions demanded more than ever for innovation from open source and to face today’s technological challenges with security and guarantees of success.

Although popular information points to a temporary situation, companies should appreciate what has happened these months, in terms of productivity. And wondering if they are now 100% ready to work remotely; Faced with the ignorance of how long the stay of COVID will be in our lives, the organization must be prepared to be able to telework with the same consistency as before, if not more, and rely on technology and virtual services and ecosystems that not only guarantee the same performance, that they also improve in this that so much occupies and worries those responsible for teams, directors and other command positions with a team under their charge: Productivity.

It is time to bet on the digitization of processes, to provide the company with the necessary IT resources, and to create a sustainable, secure infrastructure that works from the cloud, which offers the same services and added advantages. Change the concept of survival for the optimization and exploitation of resources, for the improvement in productivity. Do you think you are ready to face this challenge?