TousAntiCovid: how to disable the collection of statistical data?

A recently integrated usage statistics collection function in TousAntiCovid is likely to leak personal data. Here’s how to turn it off to continue using the app safely.

The TousAntiCovid tracking application may leak personal data. This is what three researchers discovered after analyzing the content of the app’s statistics collection.

Unfortunately, this function, integrated last June in TousAntiCovid on Android as well as on iOS, poses a problem since its mode of operation jeopardizes the security and protection of the user’s privacy.

However, there is an option to disable the collection of statistical data in TousAntiCovid. Here’s where to find it.

1. Go to settings

Open TousAntiCovid on your smartphone, scroll to the bottom of the application and enter the Application Settings.


2. Deactivate the Statistics and audience measurement function

Once in the Settings of TousAntiCovid, scroll through all the options until you reach the option Statistics and audience measurement.


Deactivate the function by touching the switch provided for this purpose, press Delete my data to delete the data that has already been collected by the application and press Yes to confirm their Deletion then press OK.

The application should no longer collect any statistical data on your use of it, thus limiting the risk of data leaks.