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Top10 Interesting Facts #1

This 19-year-old Ukrainian girl is all about making herself look like Japanese anime characters. The photos he publishes on the Internet are definitely not Photoshop. There is a serious effort behind them. She spent an hour just on eye makeup to make herself an anime girl.

19 Years old

This is a long-nosed monkey. It lives in Southeast Asia. It is clear where he got his name. By the time he becomes adult, his nose reaches 10 centimeters in length.

long nosed monkey

We continue with a new beach trend. This is called “sunburn tattoo”. Sure it’s a temporary tattoo. While you are sunbathing, you put something on your body. Since that part is not burned, a tattooed image appears. As it has become increasingly popular, even special swimsuits have started to be produced.

new beach trend

A Russian artist creates works of art by carving the nib of pencils. Although he carved a tiny area, the resulting statuettes are phenomenal. Of course, it gets a lot of reward for creating such unique products. Each of his works can find buyers for thousands of dollars.

works of art by carving the nib of pencils

This is Youtube’s head office in San Francisco. Yes, there is a huge slide in the middle of the building. Those who do not want to use stairs can slide down to the lower floor by sliding. Mattresses are placed at the end of the slide so that they can make a soft landing. This is the covered slide in Google’s head office. It doesn’t look as fun as Youtube, but it’s still nice for the employees.

Youtubes head office in San Francisco

This is the person who can open his mouth the most in the German world. It can open its mouth exactly 8 points 8 centimeters. With this feature, it deserved to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

open his mouth the most in the German world

We are again in Germany. This is the town of Nördlingen. It was built in a 25-kilometer-wide crater opened by a meteorite. Meteorun is estimated to have fallen on earth 14 million years ago.

This is the town of Nordlingen

This Englishman is Stephen Wiltshire. What’s special is that you take Stephen around a city for 20 minutes by helicopter. Then he sits down and uses his memory to draw a 3D map of the city in all its details. He owes this extraordinary memory to his autism. He can remember the smallest building even after 3 days.

Stephen Wiltshire

Grasshoppers are generally green. This one is pink. This is because of a genetic problem and it is very rare. If you ever see a pink grasshopper, appreciate it.

pink grasshopper

The City of London blazed a trail and built a separate route for ducks. The ducks of the Regents Canal in central London can walk their own way without fear of being crushed.
route for ducks

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