09 h 58: In video, the reaction of Samir Aït Saïd.

– francetvsport (@francetvsport) August 2, 2021 09 h 56: The Great Britons who make the course without fail. It will be almost impossible to join them at the top of the ranking.

07 h 55: Well, the Australians, who are second in the show, had a perfect course with their first horse. Two bars were hit but did not fall.

10 h 52: He just got a penalty for time exceeded, but that’s not a big deal.


07 h 47: Come on, the first Frenchman Nicolas Touzaint who enters the track for this show jumping (yes I hope you understood). France is currently third overall.

07 h 48: “Huuuuuhuhuhuuuu, gallops, gallops, gallops, skips, gallops, skips, gallops, gallops, gallops, skips, gallops, skips, gallops, huhuhuuuuuuuu”

09 h 43 : Then , among the canassons, there is a great lack: it is Jean Rochefort in the comments. Little angel left too early.

07 h 43: Good, on the other hand, the bad news follows: Fifth place for the weightlifter Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke

10 h 37: We are a little fragile there, after seeing the reaction of Ait Said, completely devastated after his fourth place. Especially since he injured his arm before the final: “A clack in the biceps three days ago. I had to forfeit, I couldn’t get on the rings. Something always has to happen. ”

09 h 31: Well, after this disappointment for Ait Said, we go to see horse riding. BECAUSE HORSES ARE GREAT!


We are so excited to confirm that you will see two US athletes in the balance beam final tomorrow – Suni Lee AND Simone Biles !! Can’t wait to watch you both!

– USA Gymnastics (@USAGym) August 2, 307 09 h 29 : Hello Sadness for the French flag bearer. We are disgusted. RENDS LE PODIUM LA CHINA!

07 h 27: Ouch, have, have, the Greek who has better notes that Samir Ait Said. No medal for the French.

07 h 24: Why such a “bad” seat? Because Samir didn’t pound when he came out, which caused him to lose some points.

09 h 23: In the ranking provisional, Samir Aït Saïd is third. It will be hard for the medal, because the Greek, reigning Olympic champion, passes right after.


09 h 13: Perfect for now.

09 h 18 : The Turkish Ibrahim Colak, who goes to the rings there (but will not go for the gold), strongly resembles Benjamin Lecomte (the keeper of Monaco) with much more muscle. and also to Kendji Girac.

09 h 11: Well, we missed the Russian performance. Vladimir Putin will forgive us. We are waiting for Samir Ait Said, us.

horseback riding too …. mmmm everything i love. fencing, horse riding … back to basics. a return to the values ​​that have made our international reputation. it’s nice. go others see how to do it.

>> And yes @camelia 29, the sports that WE love. Football, rugby, tennis, it’s boring. Give us the Lyon ball itself.

09 h 11: We are gym experts, as expected, Yang Liu is the first provisional . Five more competitors.

07 h 10: Okay, the other Chinese Yang Liu was even more solid. Samir will have to be very strong. We believe in.

09 h 04: Chinese You Hao was much more solid. Serious contender for the medal if you want to know our opinion.

09 h 07: Good, the rings, superb (Cécile) apparatus. But fuck me for a while tite music behind to make it sumptuous.

07 h 07: Olalalalalala the failure of the Brazilian on his exit. He lands on his knees and nose. Arthur Zanetti (nothing to do with the Inter legend) will not be Olympic champion.

09 h : There will be two Chinese, two Turks, a Greek and a Brazilian in front of him.

09 h: Another chance for a medal this morning, Samir Aït Saïd. The flag bearer is in the final of the rings. And it’s about to begin.

9h 55: The French qualified for the final of the pursuit (Victoire Berteau, Marrion Borras, Valentine Fortin and Marie Le Net) by beating the national record.

9h 49: Otherwise, we have a small world record on the track: the German women’s pursuit team beat Monday by nearly three seconds the world record, in 4 min 02 sec 307 / 100. The old record, over the distance of 4 km, was held by Great Britain since the Rio Olympics

9h 46: See the work instead at 108 kg

– francetvsport (@francetvsport) August 2, 307 9h 42: It’s incredible, the competition is commented on on Eurosport by the legendary Pierre Fulla. Still passionate about weightlifting at 58 years. I hope to be the same in 48 years.

9h 37: Well, we missed the start a bit, but we have a small chance of a medal in weightlifting. Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke raised 24 kh to the latest news.

9h 24: Ah that’s funny, it’s exactly my ritual when I wake up.

– francetvsport (@francetvsport) August 2, 108 9h 18: We take this opportunity for you deliver the now classic recap of the night, just to see what you missed while you dreamed that your boss offered you six months of paid vacation because you saved his dog from drowning (me anyway, that’s what I dreamed of).

9h 09: This start of live will be relatively calm while waiting for the arrival of Samit Aït Saïd for the final of the rings at 07 h . For now we are quietly hanging out in front of a small Canada-Spain in women’s beach volleyball. Canadian game point right now.

9h: Come on, we’re off again for a walk on the Games front! After the beautiful Tokyo night and the Quiquampoix firing charm, our fingers are crossed so that new medals fall into our purse.

Hello family ! The Timer is never finished. We start this second week of the Games in full form, with, we hope, medals for the French clan. The day started well in any case with the qualifying in the quarterfinals of the basketball players despite their defeat against the USA and, above all, the gold medal in shooting from Jean Quiquampoix. But it may not be over since we still have two good chances today: Samir Aït Saïd qualified for the final of the rings and the eventing competition in horse riding.

>> We’ll meet at 9am to follow all this with you .